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February 28, 2015 - Welcome Guest!


Judging Boyfriends and When to Quit One

At first a new romance makes life seem almost perfect, but eventually the romance fades and irritations, disagreements, and conflicts arise. The partners often become less considerate and more selfish than before. Unfortunately, many women think they have met Mr. Right, then later find out they were horribly wrong. Don't let this happen to you.

Bad relationships often cause depression and a great deal of the stresses women face today. Many people continue love relationships that are unsatisfying, troublesome, emotionally abusive, or even violent. Unhappy people and those with an unhappy childhood or abusive past experiences are particularly likely to mistake a false love for true love. Many women stay in an unsatisfying relationship to combat loneliness or depression, overcome inferiority feelings, or feel more wanted or attractive.

Staying in any unfulfilling relationship ties up much of your time and deepest emotions. You gradually become accustomed to unhappy situations, making you an easy target for people who will use or abuse you. Your time and emotional energy are better spent developing interests, activities, ways of meeting people, and a true love relationship. Never settle for less in a relationship-hold out for what you really want.



This article has been excerpted from the book Psychology Made Easy, by Chuck Falcon. This comprehensive and accessible resource covers over 100 personal problems, crises, and life skills and decisions, including judging love and relationships, detecting lies, 33 areas of raising children, addictions, obesity, stress, attention deficit disorder, and eating disorders. This book gives explanations, insight, and offers advice. Visit Cyberia's Bookshelf to read more about it.

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