Data Entry Form
 Date:November 19, 2017 
 First Name:Shaquila 
 Last Name:Singh 
 Name of Company:A Taste of India 
 Phone Number:(44) 0 8206 301594 
 Fax Number:(44) 0 8206 993451 
 Item Number(s):Number of Items:Item Description
0568126Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pot
3154463Diamond Knife Sharpener
7749763Cleaver Knife
87921115Glass Cutting Board
 Payment Option:Visa 
 Credit Card Number:5555 8340 1067 0234 
 Shipping Address:A Taste of India
2297 Fulham Street
London, England
B5Z 1L2
 Country:United Kingdom 
 Billing Address:Shaquira Singh
14 Euston Avenue
London, England
B2R 1A7
 Country:United Kingdom 
 Sent From:The Mighty Chef
4902 Ninian Street
New York, NY
 Toll-free Number:1800-555-5555