The Mind of An Athlete: Psychtests Releases Athletic releases a sports psychology website dedicated to assessing the mental side of athletic success.

MONTREAL, CANADA (MEDIAHUB) -- July 23, 2011, one of the web's foremost sources of personality, career, and IQ assessments is bringing its expertise to the sports arena with the newly-revamped Athletic Assessments website. Tests designed for predicting success in baseball, football and hockey and other sports allow users to learn more about how their mental attitude can make or break their performance.

The role that the mind plays in athletic success is paramount. Agility, speed, strength, and coordination are rendered almost completely useless when an athlete's mindset is not in the right place. "Champions aren't made in the gyms," advises boxing legend Muhammad Ali. "Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision." Nowadays, having a full-time sports psychologist on staff is common in professional sports as both coaches and players are fully aware that winning starts long before an athlete steps out onto the field.

The tests available on are based on a large body of evidence supporting their validity and reliability, collected over the course of nearly 5 years. After years of validation studies with drafted players in Major League Baseball, the online testing guru has identified a dozen traits that differentiate elite athletes from other players. Characteristics like Self-Control, Perseverance, Competitiveness, and Mental Strength, among others, are crucial to a winning mindset.

"In our validation studies with baseball players who were later drafted in the major leagues, the difference between the mindset of these athletes and those who play on a leisurely basis was staggering," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. "Our comparisons reveal score differences on the traits we assess of at least 15 points on a scale with possible range from 0 to 100. For example, our professional players had an amazing ability to focus during games, a tireless work effort, and took full responsibility for their errors and failures, as well as their successes. It's undeniable that when it comes to the mental side of success, elite athletes are in a class of their own. Despite this fact, our assessments are sensitive enough to differentiate even among this narrowly selected group, as evidenced by systematic mean score differences between professional athletes rated as 'outstanding' by their coaches, and those rated simply as 'good'."

Psychtests has now expanded its sports psychology assessments to others sports, including baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and golf. And coaches are starting to prepare athletes for the psychological side of sports as soon as they are old enough to hold a bat. Several training centers and sports camps for players as young as 10 years of age began making Psychtests' psychological assessments a staple of their training program as of last year. Factors like competition anxiety, performance pressure and coachability are as much an issue for young athletes as they are for professional ones.

"It's not easy for aspiring athletes to find relevant psychological assessments that can be taken online in real-time - offers them an opportunity to do just that," states Dr. Jerabek. "Personality profiles give athletes a peak into the way they think and feel, and how it in turn impacts their behavior and performance. Self-awareness of their strengths and areas they need to work on is essential to success - in any arena of life."

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