Psychology Teams up with Basketball: Five-Star Basketball Camps Adopts PsychTests' ASE (Athletic Success Evaluation) to Improve Mental Performance

Five-Star Basketball and PsychTests AIM Inc. offer athletes the tools to become psychologically and athletically strong performers.

MONTREAL, CANADA (PR.COM) -- May 11, 2010

Five-Star, renowned for their basketball training centers and player development, and PsychTests AIM Inc., the online testing guru, announced today that they are teaming up to help aspiring basketball players take their mental skills to another level. For more information about Five-Star Basketball, go to: Those interested in taking ASE can go to:

Success in sports goes beyond a talent for the game. Even the most athletically-gifted player will struggle if plagued with confidence issues, a lack of passion, or a tendency to crack under pressure. As most athletes and coaches will attest, the real game starts long before a player steps out of the locker room. Athletes must make the mental switch to "game mode", and stay focused and in control throughout the match. This is a feat that many players, including professionals, can have difficulties with.

Five-Star Basketball, which has a long history of nurturing hundreds of NBA players including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Vince Carter, has now added a psychological assessment, created by PsychTests, to their training curriculum. ASE (Athletic Success Evaluation) allows athletes and coaches to learn about players' psychological strengths, and the areas they will need to develop in order to enhance their physical performance on the court. The test assesses, among other things, an athlete's work ethic, ability to focus, self-control, and mental strength. Test results are then shared with the player and coaches in order to develop a training program that encompasses both physical training and psychological development. ASE is available in several versions for different age groups, from players as young as 10 years to adults at the professional level.

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Five-Star Basketball, Inc. was established in 1966 by Will Klein and Howard Garfinkel with the goal to be the leaders in basketball education providing guidance, mentorship and opportunities to coaches, parents and players. The industry leader in basketball training has seen more than 15,000 young athletes attend at least one of their summer camp sessions and thousands more participate in year round programs. Five-Star's basketball training programs are designed for enthusiastic players of all skill levels. Over 360 campers have played at least one game in the NBA and thousands more have achieved their goals of playing at the college level, or making their high school varsity, junior varsity, or travel league teams.

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