The Psychology Of Surgery: PsychTests Releases A Pre-Operative Mental Health Assessment For Bariatric Clinics

MONTREAL, CANADA (PR NEWSWIRE) -- February 22, 2010

PsychTests AIM Inc. releases a package of psychological assessments geared for use by bariatric clinics in evaluating candidates for weight-loss surgery. Notably, this includes the SWLPS assessment (Surgical Weight-Loss Psychological Screening), which is the only psychological test that has been developed specifically for candidates of this type of surgery.

For many obese patients, bariatric surgery is the last resort - a difficult choice made after years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts. The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery reports that approximately 220,000 individuals underwent bariatric surgery in the Unites States in 2008, up from 16,000 in the early nineties. The procedure has the potential to substantially increase the lifespan of patients and gives hope of permanent weight loss to many. Unfortunately, the relapse rate is high (20 to 50%, depending on the source), mostly due to compliance issues. To reduce complications and relapse, the organization strongly recommends a psychological evaluation prior to giving the patient green light to proceed with this elective surgery.

PsychTests offers bariatric clinics a dependable, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution to satisfy this need. The SWLPS has been used by the bariatric industry since 2002 and combines assessment of most psychological factors that play a role in the success of the procedure. The SWLPS screens for anxiety and depressive disorders, suicidal tendencies, substance and drug use - all significant risk factors. It also evaluates the person's emotional strength and the type of coping techniques most often used to deal with stress and change, which is paramount to successful adjustment to a new lifestyle. In addition, the test assesses compliance and self-motivation - factors that play into the patient's ability to stick with the program.

Other tests made available to bariatric surgeons include other assessments, which can be used for in-depth analysis, including tests for Emotional Eating, Coping Skills, Depression, Culture Fair IQ and Emotional Intelligence. As a whole, standardized tests allow clinics the additional security of quantitative decision-support data to assist in electing patients for surgery. Psychological assessments can also be used as a follow-up during post-operative care, as patients cope with their new body and life.

As the predominant developer of on-line psychological tests, PsychTests ensures that its assessments conform to APA standards and are written in plain English. Reports include graphical results and detailed interpretations of the test-taker's answers on the test, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and practical advice/tips. For more information, visit or contact us at

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