Your Destiny is Calling: PsychTests Releases New Test to Help People Find Their Dream Job

It's not just another job test. PsychTests gives visitors from all walks of life a chance to find their true calling.


PsychTests AIM Inc., one of the web's foremost source of personality assessments, has recently released a new Career Personality & Aptitude Test. The online testing guru aims to help visitors, whether it's students contemplating their future or adults looking for a career change, to find a job that both interests them and takes advantage of their strengths. The test is available at

Gone are the days of sticking to one job until blissful retirement. No longer is changing majors halfway through college a big deal. And those anecdotal stories you hear of a people leaving a well-paying job to write fictional novels, open a bed & breakfast, or pursue other passions? Yes, it happens - a lot. Test developers at PsychTests know that one is never too old to find a true calling, and they have developed a test to help people take that first step.

"There are a lot of career aptitude tests out there," acknowledges Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the president of PsychTests. "But to take most of the good ones, you have to go through a psychologist or career counselor. Also, many of them are geared towards students who are trying to find a major that will interest them. Although we anticipate that the Career Personality & Aptitude Test will be highly popular with younger age groups, it is also geared toward people who have chosen a career path that just doesn't bring them satisfaction and fulfillment anymore. We want to help them find their dream job too."

So how are people matched with their ideal job? PsychTests created a complex matching system in which test-takers are given a minimum of 10 job options that are based on their interests, intelligence types, work values, and skills and knowledge. Jobs suggestions are taken from a pool of more than a thousand professions provided by O*net, a well-known online job database.

Besides a list of suitable jobs, PsychTests provides test-takers with the results of their primary and secondary interests based on the well-known Holland codes, intelligence types (based on the theory of Howard Gardner), work values, and even personality profiles that describe the type of employee they would likely be. And if people are matched with a job that is outside their level of knowledge, PsychTests has a solution for that too.

"We advise test-takers on what they will need, in terms of education level and major, in order to pursue the careers they are matched with, along with a detailed job fact sheet that lets them know exactly what the job will entail, like the type of tasks they will do on a daily basis. It's like having a personal career counselor at your fingertips," explains Dr. Ilona Jerabek.

Individuals interested in finding their true career path and learn more about their strengths, values and interests can take the assessment at

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