Psychtests' New Study On Communication Skills Reveals That Women Truly Have The Gift Of Gab "tells all" about its latest test results, revealing that women may just be the better communicators.


PsychTests AIM Inc., one of the web's foremost source of personality assessments, has uncovered some interesting results of their Communication Skills test. Differences in skills were not only found between genders, but age groups as well.

One could discuss on end the stereotype that women are "chatterboxes" (pun intended), but women can be proud of this label, because while they may indulge in endless prattling, they just so happen to be particularly skilled at it too. However, to give men a thorough tongue-lashing for not wanting to talk more probably wouldn't be fair either. They also have their share of communication stereotypes to deal with. Men have been taught to be tough and emotionally reserved; they are not supposed to talk about their feelings, or anything deeper than standard sports/cars/hot women conversations, lest they be considered weird or gay. Perhaps it is not surprising then that women who took PsychTests' communication assessment outscored their male counterparts.

According to PsychTests' statistics, women are more comfortable sharing their thoughts, and are more willing to discuss things and consider other people's opinions. Women are also better listeners, and are good at empathizing with others. They have a knack for handling those touchy-feely conversations with ease, and are comfortable talking about their own feelings and dealing with other people's emotions, skills that many family/marriage counselors believe are the key to happy relationships. In fact, PsychTests' analysis reveals that people with good communication skills tend to get into fewer arguments, and rate their relationships with family, friends, coworkers/classmates, and romantic partners more positively than those with poor skills.

"Communication skill is a hot research topic, and for good reason," points out Dr. Jerabek, CEO of PsychTests. "The results of our test coincide with what many research studies have uncovered: that communication is an important aspect of healthy relationships, and those whose skills are lacking in this area are likely to have difficulty in social interactions. The good news is that this is a skill that can be developed with time and practice. As a matter of fact, our data shows that older age groups performed better on the test than younger test-takers."

"It's important to point out though that being a good communicator has nothing to do with how much or what you say - it's how you say it, both verbally and non-verbally," emphasizes Dr. Jerabek. "Someone who speaks up for himself but takes on a meek tone of voice or posture might not get their message across as clearly as he'd like." And what is a big communication faux-pas? "Ironically," says Dr. Jerabek, "it's not listening. A person may be as gifted a speaker as Winston Churchill or Maya Angelou, but that skill is valueless if they don't give others the courtesy of truly hearing them out."

PsychTests' "Are you a good communicator?" is available at for personal assessment for those wishing to take a good, hard look at how they communicate with others. A version of the test is also available to HR managers as a hiring tool, available on PsychTests' HR testing site, Arch Profile. For more information on this test and other assessments PsychTests offers, please visit

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