Weight gain woes during the holidays: Do visions of sugar plums dance in your head?

Psychtests.com. promotes self-awareness to help weight-conscious people stay on track during the holiday season.

MONTREAL, CANADA (PR NEWSWIRE) -- December 01, 2009

Christmas comes early for Psychtests' visitors. The online testing guru offers test-takers its informative Emotional Eating test for free until January 10, 2010.

The holidays can be a minefield - and it's not just the pushy shoppers, dysfunctional family members, or the tripping hazard of miles of garland. For those struggling to lose weight, the holidays are a dangerous battle between willpower and cravings, exercise and lethargy, the unkind scale and the kind grandma urging them to eat up. It's like we're walking on eggnog eggshells. With family comes the potential for arguments, leading to emotional upset, and ending with an armload of comfort food that is just so readily available this time of year.

Studies have shown that although weight gain during the holidays is common, those who have been struggling with weight loss throughout the year tend to be the most vulnerable to relapse. With emotions running high as family members pick the holidays as the perfect time to be annoying, it's not uncommon for many people to turn to food for comfort.

Emotional eating is often triggered when we are in negative emotional states, resulting in over-consumption and weight gain. Awareness is key to conquering the battle of the emotional and physical bulge.

"Understanding who or what triggers us to munch mindlessly can help emotional eaters stay in control of both their feelings and their eating," says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the president of PsychTests. "When people really start to pay attention to why they're eating, they begin to realize how much their emotions can play a role. Once you know what can set you off, you'll be able to use healthier outlets to deal with the emotions that arise - or avoid the trigger entirely."

With the holidays and the evitable feasting looming, Psychtests offers the first step toward emotional self-awareness by providing users a free full report for their Emotional Eating Test. Test-takers can learn more about what triggers their overeating, and practice new ways to stay jolly during the holidays without all the jiggle.

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