Franchise This: Psychtests Releases A Psychological Assessment For Potential Franchisees helps those who wish to own a business take the first crucial step by releasing a franchisee personality test.

MONTREAL, CANADA (MARKETWIRE) -- November 24, 2010

People who have always dreamed of freeing themselves from the shackles of cubicles and the standard 9 to 5 can take the first step toward making their fantasy a reality. With their Franchisee Aptitude test, Psychtests not only helps people understand what it takes to be a franchisee, but also puts them face to face with the realities of this challenging field.

For some, the idea of opening a business can elicit a mixture of two feelings: excitement and fear. The idea of being more than a faceless and nameless worker in a giant organization, of being the one to call the shots, the pride that comes with owning a business - it's an amazing feeling. But then the fear kicks in. Finding funding, losing money, and the high potential for failure, to name a few. And for most, the fear will take over, and they'll tuck away the dream in the back of their mind with a sigh of frustration. There is a happy medium however, in the form of a franchise.

Owning a franchise does come with risks. Funding and fees need to come out of the franchisee's own pocket; there is little wiggle room for change, and the owner is responsible for hiring, firing, and training. The benefits however, do tend to balance things out. With a franchise that is already well-established, an owner won't need to scratch out a niche in an already bloated market, come up with new ideas for products, or make a reputation for himself or herself. The golden arches, the little redheaded girl with braids, or the steaming cup of coffee where one can dunk a doughnut will speak for themselves.

To run a franchise requires more than a desire however, and this is where Psychtests can provide visitors with a practical first step to turning the dream into a reality: a personality and skills profile that assesses key traits that characterize successful franchise owners.

"Many people mistakenly believe that their biggest obstacle to running a franchise is the funding," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. "But it's not the financial burden that often blindsides people, it's the realization that it really is tough to run a business. The ups and downs can be an emotional roller coaster. What differentiates successful business owners from those who go belly up is their personality. What we provide to test-takers with our franchisee test is knowledge - what it's going to take to succeed, areas they will need to work on to improve their chances of success, and practical advice on how to get there."

So what does it take to be a franchise owner? Based on research and information from subject matter experts, Psychtests has pinpointed over 40 different traits, including knowledge of the Hiring and Staffing process, Dealing with Irritable Customers, Management Skills, and the Ability to Cope with Hardship, among others.

"Parent companies tend to be very careful about who they provide a franchise to," warns Dr. Jerabek. "A poorly managed business runs the risk of affecting the entire organization's reputation. Franchise owners must be sensitive to the cultures in the vicinity of their franchise, they need excellent social and customer services skills, and have to be able to juggle the many responsibilities that owning a franchise entails. It's traits like these that can make or break many people. That's why we took a great deal of time designing this test by providing test-takers with, for example, scenarios that depict the type of experiences they will encounter as franchisees and ask how they would deal with them. There is little room for error in the business world."

Those who wish to take that first step to owning a business and take the Franchisee Test for free can go to  Employers interested in using this or other pre-employment tests can visit

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