Gender Roles: Are we still playing the part? assesses modern day views on traditional gender roles with their latest test.

MONTREAL, CANADA (PR NEWSWIRE) -- February 23, 2010

PsychTests AIM Inc., one of the web's foremost source of personality assessments, releases a gender roles test. The online testing guru aims to uncover whether their visitors, who come from all walks of life, make it a point to defy conventional gender roles, or uphold time-honored traditions. The test is available at

A stay-at-home dad? Male nurses? A high-powered female CEO who doesn't want to marry or have children? Society has taken huge leaps since the June Cleaver-esque days, and with International Women's Day approaching, it's a good time to take a look at today's views of men's and women's place in the world.

Attitudes towards gender roles are numerous. Nearly every school of thought, whether it's theology, psychology, or women's studies, has its view of where men and women "belong" and naturally, these views are not without controversy. The Web is strife with feminist and anti-feminist sites that bring to mind an eternal tug-of-war of "he said, she said". However, there is more to gender roles than extremist ideals.

"Our theory behind the gender roles test is that most people are 'progressive traditionalists', accepting many, but not all modern twists on traditional gender roles." says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the president of PsychTests. "Change takes time, and while we have seen gender roles evolve in leaps and bounds, many people are still not entirely comfortable with the idea of being taken care of by a male nurse, for example, or having their sons play with dolls and their daughters aspiring to become firefighters or operate heavy machinery. We may wish for a total open-mindedness, but the truth is that hidden behind all our political correctness, certain stereotypes are still holding down the fort."

PsychTests' effort to shed some light on the issue of traditional and modern genders roles has resulted in preparing two separate versions of their new test, one for men and one for women. "Ironic, isn't it?", points out Dr. Jerabek. "But open-mindedness is not about pretending that there are no differences between the psychological make-up of men and women, because there are many and they are real. It's about understanding that the extent of individual differences is much greater than the gender gap."

So put your attitudes to the test, and see where you stand - in all honesty. Test-takers can learn more about their attitudes towards gender roles in their personal and profession life, whether they possess more stereotypical masculine or feminine traits, and their level of comfort with their masculinity or femininity. To take the assessment, go to

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