Job candidate's personality more important than skills? You bet! Introduces ARCH Profile For HR Managers - A New Online Psychometric Tool With A Battery Of 90 Tests

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- August 5, 2002, a leader in web-based psychometric testing, has launched the long-awaited ARCH Profile (Accurate, Reliable, and Comprehensive Human resources tool). ARCH Profile is a complete online testing center with an extensive collection of 90 career, personality, IQ, and attitude tests, all of them professionally developed and validated. Its interactive interface allows HR specialists to manage employee testing with unprecedented ease. ARCH Profile supplements and optimizes the employee selection process, pre-screens for a number of characteristics required for a specific position in the company, and identifies strengths and limitations of potential candidates. For a free trial please visit or call toll-free at 1-888-855-6975.

How to find a needle in a haystack

A good match between a position and an employee's personality is one if the most important factors in job satisfaction, performance, absenteeism and turnover. Taking pleasure in your work is the most powerful motivator! "Hire for attitude, train for skills" is the motto that many HR managers are beginning to live by. And with good reason! Dr. Jerabek, PsychTests' scientific director, explains, "What's the advantage of having a brilliant, highly skilled employee on staff if he cannot communicate and finds himself in constant conflict with coworkers … to the point where nobody gets much done? Or an IT expert who is always on the lookout for better job opportunities and couldn't care less about your company's mission? It's much easier, and less costly, for an eager aspirant to gain the required skills than to change a skilled candidate's unenthusiastic attitude."

But how do you spot a candidate who actually has it all - skills, attitude AND personality? Sifting through hundreds or thousands of résumés can be daunting … not to mention the fact that more than 70 percent of applicants perform a little "reality-tweaking" on their résumé, and estimated 30 percent straight-out overhaul the truth. Even a skilled interviewer and a good judge of character cannot see beyond the façade of a well-trained job seeker. Many candidates will be eager to take a position, without realizing that it may not be what they really want to do in life.

Hiring the wrong people, for whatever reason, is costly. On the average, companies spend US$3,295 per new hire. Add to it the initial administrative and training expenses and the result is obvious - good hiring decisions are instrumental to a company's competitive advantage!

So how do you find that proverbial needle in a haystack? "You use the right decision-support tools," continues Dr. Jerabek. "ARCH Profile is such an instrument. Our tests can help recruiters to pre-screen candidates and optimize the hiring process. Using ARCH Profile can facilitate succession planning, career development, training, and job or team assignment. In short, we can help to improve your company's bottom line by taking full advantage of your human capital!"

Better tests, better information, better decisions …

ARCH Profile tests cover a wide range of factors, such as leadership potential, management style, readiness for promotion, risk for burnout and stress-related problems, success likelihood, sales personality, conflict and anger management, communication skills and power issues, just to name a few. The site also hosts a vast collection of intelligence, personality, health and relationship tests that can be used to supplement employee assistance and training programs.

The assessment tools that one can find in ARCH Profile are based on years of in-depth scientific research. A team of psychologists with intensive training in test development, statisticians, and experts on research methods and artificial intelligence collaborated to develop this impressive battery. Each test undergoes large-scale studies (with tens to hundreds of thousands of participants) that yield a plethora of normative, validity and reliability data. Based on this massive amount of information, the tests are regularly upgraded and refined, making them the most advanced psychometric assessments available on the net. and ARCH Profile: Precision HRM in action

ARCH Profile helps companies to manage their human capital with unparalleled precision. ARCH Profile not only provides the wide-ranging test battery, it also features a sophisticated database system to manage the test results and employee information. It allows recruiters and HR managers to assign tests to employees or candidates, store and retrieve the results and organize employee information. Its many features can be used to view individual or group test results, track progress, display graphs and compare scores across groups. Essentially, the system serves as a flexible, easy-to-use online testing center - one that can be customized to satisfy the requirements of any organization.

Along with important insight into human psyche, ARCH Profile's ease of use is one of its strongest assets. The tests are self-administered and self-scoring, so you don't need to invest in trained interviewers or spend time trying to interpret results. ARCH Profile provides an overview of the topic, personalized results and no-nonsense advice and tips. The analyses are easy to read - written in plain English, visually enhanced (graphs, bullets, summaries), efficient, and concise. Importantly, they offer practical and down-to-earth insight.

"Our clients can call us for a free consultation about what types of tests are most suitable for their unique needs," says Dr. Jerabek. "We place a lot of importance on personal relationships with our customers. Our products are flexible enough for a large corporation, but they are developed and priced with small and medium businesses in mind. Smaller businesses typically cannot afford HR departments, not to mention industrial psychologists. ARCH Profile can provide the much-needed objective and standardized information on the employees."

To see the complete list of tests available, please consult our catalog @ For more information about ARCH Profile and its applications, you can consult

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