Launches ARCH Profile, An Online Psychological Testing Center For Therapists

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 07/10/2001, the web's leading testing center, announced today the launch of ARCH Profile, an innovative and multifaceted assessment tool for psychotherapists, life coaches and counselors. ARCH Profile is a sophisticated database system combined with a battery of over 60 psychological assessments. The interactive interface allows mental health professionals to view their patient's results, track progress, display graphs and organize client information. Essentially, the system serves as a flexible, easy-to-use online testing center. After a simple registration process, therapists can access the extensive collection of in-depth psychological tests on, administer them to their clients from a distance, and have immediate access to the detailed reports of the results. This system is the first of its kind, and will usher in a new era in mental health assessment.

"The Internet is changing the way psychologists do therapy, " says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, President and CEO of, "And the changes are for the better. Therapists can use ARCH Profile to satisfy their assessment needs and manage their client testing data in a cost and time efficient way. The system can be used for online or traditional therapy, and cuts down on all the hassle involved with traditional testing methods…there's less paper work, less waiting and more flexibility."

Features of ARCH Profile

ARCH Profile stands apart from other testing services with its one-stop-shopping approach – it's a complete online testing center with quality personality, relationship, career and health tests and a user-friendly interface for storing, managing, and viewing the results of those tests. Therapists access their own password-protected database and instantly view the detailed reports of the online assessments. "A client, for example, can take the Depression Inventory and give their therapist access to the results right away. ARCH Profile can be used to assess the client's needs, plan the best approach for therapy, and track progress," explains Dr. Jerabek. "The interest in our assessments is already overwhelming, and we expect a significant increase in the usage rate as we launch this database-driven tool."

As an added bonus, therapists registered with ARCH Profile are included in a searchable database of mental health professionals. Over a hundred thousand potential clients can look up counselors for online or offline psychotherapy according to expertise, therapeutic approach and a number of demographic and geographic variables. This function is available in My Profile, the client side of ARCH Profile. This database tool allows regular PsychTests visitors to save the results of their tests and to grant their therapist access to certain parts of their test bank. My Profile membership is growing at a rate of 1000 new members a day.

Making Online Testing Easy

ARCH Profile was designed with the needs of psychologists in mind, and this is reflected in its flexible nature. Due to its intuitive interface, it's not necessary to be a computer whiz to use the online testing center. Clients can take the tests in their own homes anywhere around the world or in the therapist's office, and, with the real-time scoring, therapists can view the results immediately in graph or text form. Many clients' results can be stored in ARCH Profile at the same time.

High-tech testing … right on target

All of the tests on are developed by a team of psychologists using the most rigorous of scientific methods. The tests provide on-target interpretation and practical advice and, thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence methods, are scored instantly. Large-scale validation studies ensure an ever-growing precision and top-notch quality otherwise unseen on the net.

About is a subsidiary of Plumeus Inc., a privately owned high-tech company that also runs the #1 mental health site The combined traffic from Plumeus' sites tops a million unique visitors per month. In business since early 1996, the Plumeus team has years of experience in the online testing field, and hundreds of tests and quizzes under its belt. Plumeus' proven ability to combine mass appeal with cutting edge psychological testing has earned the company the top position in online testing.

By bringing state-of-the-art tests to new markets, carries on the Plumeus tradition. The site's team of psychologists, statisticians, and artificial intelligence specialists are committed to advancing psychology and technology by providing mental health professionals and HR managers with assessment tools of the highest quality.

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