Re-Launched Provides Online Testing Tools For HR, Psychologists And Academics

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 07/05/2001, a leader in web-based psychological testing, announced today a re-launch of the site. The re-born features a new look, an upgraded battery of 63 professionally designed tests and a powerful suite of database-driven professional applications.

Thanks to leaps in technology and the interactive, distance-crossing nature of the web, human resources departments, therapists and researchers are now looking to their computer screens for their assessment needs. With its extensive collection of tests and the innovative ARCH Profile system, is at the forefront of this progressive movement towards online testing. "Aptitude and personality testing is heading in a whole new direction and is right there to fill the niche," says Dr. Jerabek, the company's president and CEO. "We're pushing the envelope, exploring the full potential of testing and taking computer-assisted evaluation to entirely new levels."

An Online Testing Center Like No Other

PsychTests' most recognized and appreciated feature is its battery of accurate and in-depth psychological tests. These self-scoring assessment tools give users the opportunity to look into their own personality, relationships, intelligence and health habits. Sophisticated artificial intelligence methods allow for real-time scoring and provide an on-target interpretation and practical, no-nonsense advice. Large-scale validation studies ensure ever-growing precision of the tools and top-notch quality unsurpassed on the net. Some of the tests found on the site, to name but a few, are Arguing Style, Time Management, Locus of Control, Leadership and Anxiety. To see the complete collection, visit the site's test index page (

"Our tests are being used in a variety of settings, including academic and marketing research, human resources management and clinical practice," explains Dr. Ilona Jerabek. "People really enjoy taking them. The appeal of the tests lies in their blend of complexity, insight, and subtle humor. That's what makes the entire test-taking situation much more comfortable and enjoyable…and the results are more accurate because the test-takers are at ease."

ARCH Profile: Managing Assessment Needs with Ease

ARCH Profile Manager is a sophisticated database system with an interactive interface that allows HR departments, psychologists and researchers to view their clients' results, in an individual or aggregated form, on a wide range of professionally developed online psychological tests. They can track progress, display graphs and organize client/employee information. Essentially, the system serves as a flexible, easy-to-use online testing center.

"Compared to traditional methods of assessment," explains Dr. Jerabek, "The system saves companies time and money, while giving them valuable insight into the aptitudes and health of employees and detecting potentially hazardous trends. ARCH Profile, for example, can help spot high potential for burnout in the workplace, so that your company can take steps to deal with the underlying causes."

On a more individual scale, counselors can use ARCH Profile as a pre-therapy assessment tool and data management system. "A client, for example, can take the Depression Inventory and give their therapist access to the results," explains Laurel Tidman, who is in charge of liaison with mental health professionals. "The Profile can be used to assess the client's needs, plan the best approach for therapy, and track progress. In essence, psychologists can build a complete profile of their clients for a fraction of the cost of paper-and-pencil testing services."

About is a subsidiary of Plumeus Inc., a privately owned high-tech company that also runs the #1 mental health site and The combined traffic from Plumeus' sites tops 1.5 million unique visitors per month. In business since early 1996, the Plumeus team has years of experience in the online testing field, and hundreds of tests and quizzes under its belt. Plumeus' proven ability to combine mass appeal with cutting edge psychological testing has earned the company the top position in online testing.

By bringing state-of-the-art tests to new markets, carries on the Plumeus tradition. The site's team of psychologists, statisticians, and artificial intelligence specialists are committed to advancing psychology and technology. Their mission is to provide mental health professionals, HR managers, and anyone interested in self-growth with assessment tools of the highest quality. The long-term extension of this objective is simple: to give both individuals and corporations the opportunity to evaluate aptitudes, attitudes and personality traits in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Facts About

  • A leader and authority in psychological testing, with over six years of experience online
  • Developed ARCH Profile, a sophisticated database system with an interactive interface that allows HR specialists to manage employee testing with unprecedented ease
  • To ensure accuracy, PsychTests uses rigorous scientific methods, and tests are subjected to large-scale validation and reliability studies with tens of thousands of participants
  • A valuable research tool for more than 5000 academics, marketers and HR managers worldwide
  • Used as a resource on HR, government, educational, and media sides (BBC, Discovery Health)
  • One of the most linked-to websites in the world
  • Average of 1.5 million unique visits per month to PsychTests and

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