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MONTREAL, CANADA -- December 11, 2002

Finding the right employees in the competitive world of sales can be difficult to say the least. The pressure, the cutthroat environment, the constant rejection, dealing with difficult clients … all these factors make it a tricky field in which to make an impact. Finding stellar employees who can handle these pressures can go a long way to increase company productivity and revenue. has introduced the SAPEB, a psychometric instrument for hiring the right person for the job. The SAPEB battery includes not one, but six of Psychtest's quality, statistically validated scales - all selected to be specifically relevant to the world of sales, along with an overall evaluation of the test-taker's fitness for sales work. The results of this test offer extensive insight into the test-taker's personality and skills needed in this field. Dr. Ilona Jerabek, head of the test development team at says, "From the HR manager's perspective, the SAPEB provides objective, standardized information that is difficult to glean from a regular interview, and that is invaluable in making informed HR decisions."


Finding out about an employee's limitations only after s/he has been hired is a frustrating (but not uncommon) problem faced by HR departments everywhere. It is difficult to objectively assess some of the necessary traits in the interview process. The interview doesn't allow the interviewer to gauge a candidate's coping skills on the job, for instance. That's where the SAPEB sales battery comes in. Dr. Jerabek says, "When used in conjunction with other selection procedures, interviews and reference checks for instance, the test can be instrumental in selecting the right person for a sales position. Considering that the average company spends US $3,295 to find and train a new hire, it is important to find candidates who will be successful and stay with the company". Hiring employees who know how to close deals without being overly aggressive, who are able to handle the stress of making important deals without breaking a sweat, and who have a good sense of how to handle themselves in the field is important because these individuals represent your company to the people that matter most - its clientele.


The six scales, of course! The scales used in the SAPEB sales battery provide an incredible amount of information about potential employees in a clear and digestible format. The Sales Personality Scale measures a number of qualities essential for success in sales, including soft skills, success orientation, mental toughness, organizational skills and perfectionism. The Emotional IQ Scale measures social insight, the ability to recognize and label one's own feelings and needs, and to reconcile those needs with both long-term goals and the needs of other people. The Communication Skills Scale measures the ability to get messages across with persuasiveness while taking everyone's needs into account. The Success Likelihood Scale measures test-takers' attitudes that are conducive or counterproductive to success such as fear of success and fear of failure. The Coping Skills Scale evaluates whether the test-taker has the emotional tools necessary to handle the stress inherent in a sales position. Finally, the Culture-fair IQ scale is a general intelligence assessment that is free of culture and education bias. The results of these scales, along with the overall evaluation of the test-taker's fitness for sales work are a valuable addition to any screening process in sales. and ARCH Profile: Precision HRM in action

The Sales Battery is just one of over 90 tests available through Psychtest's ARCH Profile, a user-friendly online database from which the manager can assign tests, view and manage employee information. ARCH Profile helps companies to manage their human capital with unparalleled precision. The utility of ARCH Profile extends far beyond testing for employee selection purposes. It can also be used in employee assistance and/or career development programs. Its many features can be used to view individual or group test results, track progress, display graphs and compare scores across groups. Essentially, the system serves as a flexible, easy-to-use online testing center - one that can be customized to satisfy the requirements of any organization.

Along with important insight into human psyche, ARCH Profile's ease of use is one of its strongest assets. The tests are self-administered and self-scoring, so you don't need to invest in trained interviewers or spend time trying to interpret results. ARCH Profile provides an overview of the topic, personalized results, summaries of strengths and weaknesses, and no-nonsense advice and tips. The analyses are easy to read - written in plain English, visually enhanced (graphs, bullets, summaries), efficient, and concise. Importantly, they offer practical and down-to-earth insight.

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