To team or not to team

Match employees and work environment with PsychTests' new Team Player Test

MONTREAL, CANADA -- November 13, 2002, a leader in web-based psychological testing, has added the Team Player Test to its extensive collection of 93 career, personality, IQ, health and relationship tests. The Team Player career test assesses the test-taker's preferred work orientation. It determines whether the test takers would be most efficient working alone or as part of a team. "No matter what the education, experience, or training a person has, if they have a strong preference for independent work, assigning them to a team will be unproductive and costly," suggests Dr. Ilona Jerabek, head of the research team that developed the assessment. "When you assign people to jobs that match their work orientation, you avoid unnecessary stress, tension, conflict, and costly employee turnover." Essentially, the Team Player Test taps individualistic versus collectivist orientation. The test has a wide range of applications. HR departments can use the test to assign their team players and solo performers to the appropriate jobs, to determine employee's strengths and limitations, and to identify and address possible teamwork concerns. Individuals can use it to assess their needs and preferences, to discern any team membership limitations, and to get help with career path development.

Employee + Preferred Work Environment = Job Satisfaction & Increased Productivity

To team or not to team…that is the question. Although teamwork has quickly become the 'mode vivendi' for many companies, managers must choose their team members carefully. Assigning someone who has an individual orientation to a workgroup limits the teams' likelihood to achieve the levels of cooperation and productivity necessary for success. A poorly built team is draining in terms of time, energy and morale - on corporate and individual levels. When creating work teams, a preferred work orientation cannot be ignored. Véronique Sylvain, developer of the test explains, "Some individuals are independent thinkers who do not like depending on others and actually produce less in group situations. Others favor a collaborative and supportive work environment and aren't as productive on solitary tasks. The key is to discover employee preferences and to use this insight to explore their potential to the fullest. Success has everything to do with focusing on what's brilliant about your employees and under which circumstances each employee shines."

What's troubling potential team players? Discover Common Teamwork Concerns

Along with an overall work preference assessment, the Team Player Test breaks down the test-takers' team membership potential by measuring motivation, general attitude toward teamwork, both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and concerns they have regarding the teamwork process. This in-depth assessment provides management with valuable information for better HR planning. Addressing the concerns an employee may have about teamwork, for instance, can shift his/her preference and make teamwork much more appealing.

What does the Team Player Test measure?

The Team Player Test is comprised of 86 realistic work-related situational questions. The report offers a detailed personalized interpretation, showing the test-taker's preferred work orientation, team membership strengths and limitations, and practical tips on turning an individual into a team player. "From the HR manager's perspective, the Team Player Test provides objective, standardized information that is difficult to glean from a regular interview, and that is invaluable in making informed HR decisions," explains Dr. Jerabek. On a personal level, employees can use the interpretation to discover where their team membership strengths and weaknesses lie. At the same time, they can learn how to overcome their teamwork concerns and become stronger, empowered and flexible.

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