Sports and Psychology: Frozen Ropes Adopts PsychTests' ACE (Athletic Competition Evaluation) to Improve Young Athletes' Mental Performance

PsychTests AIM Inc. and Frozen Ropes offer athletes the tools to become psychologically and athletically strong performers.


Frozen Ropes, renowned for their baseball and softball training centers and player development, and PsychTests AIM Inc., the online testing guru, announced today that they are teaming up to help develop young, aspiring athletes take their mental skills to another level. For more information, go to:

Success in sports depends a great deal on factors beyond physical talent. It is not uncommon for highly skilled players of all ages to crack under pressure or struggle with bouts of competitive anxiety, loss of focus or loss of confidence. Coaches and researchers in sports psychology are well aware that in order for an athlete to succeed, they must possess the proper physical skill and mindset.

Frozen Ropes has now added a psychological assessment, created by PsychTests, to their training curriculum. ACE (Athletic Competition Evaluation), now allows athletes and coaches to learn about players' psychological strengths, and the areas they will need to develop in order to enhance their physical performance on the field. The test assesses, among other things, an athlete's work ethic, ability to focus, parental and peer pressure, competitive anxiety and motivation issues. Assessments are developed for players as young as 10 years of age to the professional level athlete. Test results are then shared with the player and a customized mental skills training program is created by Frozen Ropes to address any weaknesses.

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Featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Newsweek, ESPN and the New York Times, Frozen Ropes is the industry leader in baseball and softball player development. Since 1988, they have worked with hundreds of college baseball and softball programs, individual athletes and professional teams in the area of player development, visual mechanics and mental skills training. Past major league clients include the New York Yankees, the Colorado Rockies, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets.

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