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It's Time To Take's New Aspiration Test


Are you setting yourself up for failure?, the web's #1 mental health source (PC Data online), has recently released an interactive Aspiration Test to assess your goal-setting approach. Whether you're aiming for success in your career, personal life, sports or academics, the secret is knowing how to set reasonable yet challenging objectives – which is, in a nutshell, aspiration. Finding that balance is not easy. Aim too low, and you may never realize your true potential. Aim for the stars, and you may set yourself up for failure. The first step in learning how to walk this fine line is assessing where you stand now – with Queendom's new Aspiration Test.

Could Your Approach to Aspiration Use a Revamp?

Success stories in business, the arts and sports abound with stories of those who know the right way to go after success. Jim Carrey, for example, kept a check with a specific date in his pocket throughout his years of struggle in Hollywood, using it as a personal deadline to star in a hit movie. With perseverance and focus on that goal, he eventually went far beyond his expectations to now pull in over $20 million per flick.

queendom's Aspiration Test is a fun way to find out if you've got what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Test-takers complete timed exercises that require them to estimate both their achievement and progress. Written results explain the essential role aspiration makes in life success and how to use it to its full potential.

"Psychological studies have shown that the way we set goals is a key determinant in whether they are ever reached," says Ilona Jerabek, PhD, creator of the test. "It's one thing to make plans - to get your butt off the couch and into those Lycra workout pants, to learn how to whip up gourmet dinners in a flash, or get that office promotion. Carrying them out may be another story. Generally, it's good to aim high, but lofty aspirations don't guarantee accomplishment and can even decrease the chance of success. The Aspiration Test is a great starting block for those interested in investigating whether their approach to achievement is working or not. Queendom visitors can take it time and time again, and try to apply what they discover about themselves to their everyday lives. "

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Queendom's Tests, Tests, Tests" section has numerous other tools to help develop your capacities in the work place. The Leadership Test assesses your natural capacity to lead – a trait that can be developed with good advice and perseverance. With the Sales Personality Test, you can evaluate whether you've got a gift for selling. The Communication Skills Test determines how adept you are at interacting with co-workers, family and friends, and the Assertiveness Test determines whether you stand up for yourself sufficiently. The Success Likelihood Test will determine whether fear of success or fear of failure is standing in your way. Or take the Time Management and Procrastination Tests to see if you've got these all-important skills, and get valuable feedback on how to attain them. And to ensure that all of this isn't wearing you down, the Coping Skills and Burn-out Tests determine whether you've got the emotional and mental resilience to keep going. All these tests are listed along with other career-related resources in queendom's Career section.


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