Queendom.com Changes The Face Of Online Testing – Launches My Profile, The Largest Collection Of Career, IQ, And Personality Tests On The Web


The web's #1 Psychology and Mental Health site, queendom.com, has launched another powerful tool for self–insight and personal growth – My Profile. It features the most extensive and most researched collection of online psychological tests on the Internet. Totaling more than 200 tests, Queendom offers hours of entertaining testing spiced with insight and advice. The relaunched My Profile gives members access not only to all Queendom's old favorites, but also to a number of brand new career tests.

We have run large–scale validation studies with up to 360,000 respondents per test," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of Queendom.com. "Based the extensive statistical analyses, we revised, upgraded and expanded many of our original tests. We have added subscores according to factor analysis of the tests, and adjusted interpretation of test results to reflect population norms. The Classical IQ Test is a good example of an improved test. Your main IQ score is now calculated based on your age and gender in addition to your raw score, and the results contain your percentile ranking. We have just completed a third wave of validation studies – and a second major revision since the test was developed in 1996. All the research that goes on behind the scenes is very demanding but it's essential for precision of our tests. The accuracy of Queendom's tests is our biggest pride. And of course they're great fun!"

High–tech testing … right on target

Queendom is the pioneer and trendsetter of online testing with 7 years of experience and hundreds of tests under its belt. The site keeps its readers coming back time and time again with entertaining yet educational personality, relationship, IQ, health and career tests. In the personality tests section, visitors can gain insight into their psyche by taking the Assertiveness Test, Extroversion Test, Coping Skills Test, Type A Personality Test, Power Profile, Perfectionism Test – just to name a few. In the career tests section, visitors will find the Management Style Test, Career Motivation Test, Time Management Test, Success Likelihood Test, Burnout Test, Sales Personality Test, Conflict Management, Leadership Test, Communication Skills … and many other valuable tools to give any career a boost

All of the tests on Queendom.com are developed by a team of psychologists using the most rigorous of scientific methods. The tests provide on–target interpretation and practical advice and, thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence methods, are scored instantly. Each test includes detailed results and advice, giving visitors insight into what makes them tick and point them in the right direction if they wish to work on a problem. The revamped My Profile allows visitors to automatically save their test results and track progress in a customized, password–protected information bank. As they take more tests and add scores to their Profile, they develop an extensive "snapshot" of their own personality.

To review the complete list of tests available on Queendom.com, visit www.queendom.com/tests/index.htm

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Personality and career are only one of the many topics explored on Queendom.com, the home of serious entertainment. Aside from being the leader in on–line psychological testing, queendom is the perfect place to learn about yourself and your relationships in a fun yet insightful way. In addition to the battery of 200 psychological tests, the site offers hundreds of free trivia quizzes and fun mind–games. But interactive entertainment is only the beginning of what you'll find at queendom. In La Chaise Longue and Sexpertise, therapists respond to posted questions. Queendom offers polls, surveys, informative articles, and more…all ways to learn and explore what it means to be human.

About queendom.com

Queendom.com is a subsidiary of Plumeus Inc., a privately owned high–tech company that also runs QuizCards.com and the #1 HR testing site PsychTests.com. The combined traffic from Plumeus' sites tops 1.5 million unique visitors per month. In business since early 1996, Plumeus' proven ability to combine mass appeal with cutting edge psychological testing has earned the company the very top position in online testing.

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