A Career Isn't A One-way Street Anymore - Queendom.com Releases Results of Their Career Aptitude Test

Queendom releases results of their Career Personality & Aptitude Test, revealing that the road to career fulfillment isn't always as straightforward as we think.


Queendom.com, a pioneer in online personality, career, and IQ assessments, unveils results of their highly popular Career Personality & Aptitude Test. Their study results indicate that career aptitude assessments are no longer just a tool to guide students towards a suitable field but an opportunity for adults to find a truly fulfilling career.

Career paths used to be the simple act of going from point A to point B, with the possibility of different variations of course. For example, a person either received a decent education and then a job in a relevant field, joined the family business, or went in whatever direction he or she was pushed toward. And if someone wanted to change job before retirement because it wasn't all it was cracked to be? Out of the question. But times have changed, and Queendom's data on their Career Personality & Aptitude Test reveal that aside from the 36% of students who took the test to get ideas on suitable jobs, another 26% of the test-takers were people who were currently employed and desired a career change. The old point A to point B theory has forked into many Cs, Ds, and Es.

According to Queendom's study, only 26% of people who took the Career Personality & Aptitude Test are content with the field they chose to pursue. 9% chose their current field because their family wanted them to, 26% felt it was a reliable field with a good job outlook, 20% stated that it was what they always wanted to do, 32% claimed that it was the field that best fit their skills/interests, and 29% admitted that they chose it because they didn't know what else to do. Surprisingly, only 20% of test-takers selected their current field because it pays well. This trend of subdued interest in a high-paying job continued when Queendom asked test-takers what their main career goal was, with only 13% of people claiming it was to make money. The top career goal: 46% stated that simply want to love what they do.

"While the importance of finding a career that makes money does increase with age, the almighty dollar is no longer the tempting incentive it used to be," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. "Our data tell us that for both students and adults, the greatest career desire they wish to fulfill is to actually enjoy what they do. The trend we are seeing in this test, and many of our other career tests, is that all the money in the world can't compensate for a lack of job fulfillment - at least not for the majority of people."

In addition to matching students and adults to their most suitable careers based on their individual strengths and interests and indicating the type of degree needed to pursue them, Queendom's Career Personality & Aptitude Test also provides information on a test-taker's work values, work style, and predominant intelligence types. The work values and styles in particular played a major role in determining level of job fulfillment. People who were content with their job were more likely to value achievement, recognition, teamwork, and altruism, and were more likely to practice initiative, to pursue leadership roles, to be hardworking, innovative, and good at handling stress.

"We wanted to provide a test that offered more than just a list of career matches," explains Dr. Jerabek. "We wanted to give people an opportunity to really understand what to expect should they pursue a certain career path - common tasks, type of degree, skills, and abilities required, years of experience, and amount of on-site training needed. Unlike other job tests however, we provide people with an entire scope of their 'work personality', so to speak. It's an all-encompassing career aptitude test that has become a hit with test-takers from all walks of life."

Those who wish to take the Career Personality and Aptitude Test can go to: https://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=3078.

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