The Formula 1 of Gender Wars: Queendom's Study Results Shed Some Light On Who Is The King (or Queen) Of The Road

Queendom uncovers interesting gender differences when it comes to how men and women behave on the road.

MONTREAL, CANADA (MARKETWIRE) -- October 30, 2010, one of the web's foremost sources of personality, career, and IQ assessments, unveils interesting results of their Driving Personality Test. Once buckled in and ready to roam, men and women behave differently.

Not too long after the chicken and the egg question came the "Which gender is the better driver?" one. It's one of those inquiries where there are plenty of opinions and plenty of bias. Car insurance statistics will reveal that women tend to be involved in fewer accidents, but those figures may change as the population ages and the number of drivers over 65 increases in the next few decades.

Queendom's Driving Personality Test assessed four factors related to driving safety: tendency towards road rage, general driving knowledge, courtesy on the road, and level of conscientiousness. Statistics gathered from nearly 20,000 test-takers reveal that overall, people are pretty safe drivers (the average score was 73, on a scale from 0-100, high being ideal). Road Rage overall was fairly low (score of 22), and most people were likely to be kind and careful drivers (score of 68 for Courtesy, 69 for Conscientiousness). However, some interesting differences starting appearing when Queendom dug a little deeper.

Comparisons between men and women show that overall, women had "safer personalities" on the road, although the margin wasn't very wide (score of 75 for women, 71 for men). Women also outscored men on Courtesy (69 vs. 66) and Conscientiousness (71 vs. 66), while men scored higher on road rage - although overall, both genders were fairly "road calm" (25 for men, 19 for women). There were no differences in knowledge of the rules of the road, with both genders scoring 71.

"While the number of accidents involving women has increased, they still have fewer than men, and studies have shown that men are still more aggressive on the road," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. "And as our data show, age also adds a twist. Tendency towards road rage dropped with age, and older folks tended to be more courteous and conscientious on the road. Interestingly, general driving knowledge increased with age, but then took a dip for the 60+ age group. This wasn't a statistically significant difference, but there does seem to be a pattern developing there, especially when you look at men alone. Those over 60 had a score of 68 on their knowledge of the rules of the road, which was lower than all other age groups except those under 18. With a larger sample size, this difference is likely to become significant on a statistical level, and informative on a social level."

    Queendom's data also reveal that:
  • 2% of drivers never reduce their speed when driving in a school zone.
  • 5% rarely check their blind spot.
  • 8% rarely find an alternative mode of transportation when they are too drunk to drive.
  • 10% always talk on the phone while driving.
  • 14% never drive at or below the speed limit.
  • 33% said that their driving attitude and style change depending on whether there is a police officer nearby.
  • 48% give other drivers the right-of-way.
  • 55% will insist that all passengers put their seatbelts on.
  • 76% always wear their seatbelt.
  • Despite scoring reasonably well on General Driving Knowledge (score of 65), the 3% of drivers who have shared responsibility or been at fault for more than one accident scored higher on Road Rage than those with only one or no accidents (score of 34 vs. 22 vs. 21), and lower on Courtesy and Conscientiousness (60 and 58 respectively).

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