What kind of flirt are you - A master charmer or a manipulator?

Queendom.com. uncovers the hidden motive behind your mischievous winks and whisperings of sweet nothings with its latest test.

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (PR NEWSWIRE) -- November, 25, 2009

Queendom charms their visitors with their newest test release, a flirting personality profile. Besides assessing test-takers' flirting expertise, Queendom attempts to uncover how people employ these "weapons of seduction".

Flirting truly is a set of expertly crafted techniques - and we have plenty of them in our repertoire. Women toss their hair aside with a giggle, drawing all eyes to them with a sensual gaze or walk. Men also use their body to their advantage, sending mischievous grins or winks, and showing off their manly physique as they whisper sweet flattery in husky voices.

These skills of seduction have helped both animals and the human species pass on their genes. Bat your lashes at that beefy caveman or puff out your chest when walking by that cavewoman, and you've set the stage for creating the next generation of cave kiddies.

Although the most basic objective of flirting is still to procreate, people today have used this skill in ways that go beyond fulfilling their baser instincts - at least sometimes. Flirting is the key to catching the eye of that potential mate, or in some cases, seductively slipping out of that speeding ticket.

"Flirting has gone beyond trying to attract the ideal mate," says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the president of Queendom. "There are those who use their skill for more pragmatic reasons, like getting a good deal, or for less than honorable reasons, like getting an ex jealous. For most people though, flirting is fun and exciting - and it should be."

Queendom has spent years developing and researching their hundreds of available tests. Even their newest flirting personality profile was carefully groomed, primped, and beautified. Test development is a serious business - a craft for which the company is known worldwide - but they still enjoy entertaining their many visitors, and their latest creation is sure to turn heads.

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