Queendom's Just-For-Fun Tests Profile Celebrities In FX's New Talk Show "The Test"


Queendom Makes the Leap into TV!

Ever wonder how you measure up to celebrities? Do you have similar habits to Tom Arnold, the personal hygiene of Marcia Clarke or morals of Coolio? Well, now you can find out. queendom.com, the leader in online personality testing, has teamed up with the FX networks and launched a new series of Just-For-Fun Tests (www.queendom.com/tests/minitests/index.html). By taking one of the numerous self-scoring quizzes, visitors are participating in the FX talk show "The Test", premiering on April 23rd, 2001. Four celebrity guests on "The Test" will answer the questions and compare their responses to the results collected in an anonymous form on Queendom.com (www.queendom.com/).

FX's "The Test": Can You Take It?

The Just-For-Fun Tests are short 10-question quizzes exploring personality, moral dilemmas and everyday personal habits. Would you trade ten years of your life for the perfect body? Have you ever hit star-69 to find out who just called your partner? At the end of each test, participants get an entertaining interpretation written by personality experts, revealing what their answers say about their character. They can then watch FX's "The Test" to find out how celebrities answered the same provocative questions.

The Test is the first late-night show (weeknights at 11 pm) to bring the Internet, psychology and celebrity talk together for a half hour of humor, insight and true interactivity. The show will feature host Jillian Barberie, along with four celebrity panelists. "On each episode, the celebrities will be asked the very same questions Queendom visitors have answered online in the Just-for-Fun Tests," explains Trina St. Jean, a test developer for Queendom.com. "The panelists' answers will be tabulated on air to create an instant personality profile so the studio and TV audience can join in by taking the test themselves." To stir things up a little more, the accumulated results of Queendom 's online visitors will be used to compare the celebrities to the "normal" population!

The tests scheduled for the premiere week of "The Test" are Vanity, Jealousy, Honesty, Good Employee and Personal Hygiene. Tests to come include Dating, Egomaniac, Grudge, Ambition, Libido, Tolerance, Optimism, Matrimony, Assertiveness and many more. New tests are added daily so visitors to Queendom.com can have a laugh and learn more about themselves as often as they'd like.

Food for Thought: Example Questions from Just-For-Fun Tests

At the end of your life what would you want to be able to say?

  • I had a blast
  • I made my mark
  • I got what I needed

You go to your 20-year High School reunion and the person that teased you unmercifully all through high school is there. Do you:

  • Avoid them like the plague?
  • Approach them and start up a friendly conversation?
  • Make polite conversation only if you have to?

Yes or No Questions:

You are camping with pals and they decide to go skinny-dipping. Do you join them?

A client who is very, very important to your company tells a joke that is clearly offensive. Do you confront them about it?

Have you ever shown up late to a function so you could "make an entrance?"

Other Ways to Explore Your Personality on queendom

Queendom's Just-For-Fun Tests are on the amusing side, but the site's specialty is a vast collection of professionally developed psychological tests exploring personality, relationship, health and career (www.queendom.com/tests/alltests.html). Each test is scored on-line and includes detailed no-nonsense results, giving visitors insight into what makes them tick and what can be done about their weak spots. Tests range from the more serious (Depression Inventory, Eating Disorders Test, IQ Tests) to the light-hearted (Romantic Personality Test, Sensuality Test), but all have been designed using rigorous scientific methods. queendom's newest feature, My Profile, allows visitors to save their test results and track progress in a password-protected information bank. As they take more tests and add scores to their My Profile, they develop an extensive "snapshot" of their own personality.

If visitors are not in the mood for self-discovery, they can visit Mind Stretchers and challenge their intellect with one of numerous original IQ tests and quizzes, trivia quizzes or brainteasers on just about every subject (Silly History, Brain Science, and Bra Trivia…the list is endless). Or, for a peek into other people's lives, they can vote and check out results of Queendom's Polls and Surveys and the taboo breaking Sex-a-Poll. Queendom also has mental health articles, advice columns, reader-submitted stories, a medical encyclopedia, chat rooms, discussion boards and QuizCards, a unique type of e-card.

About queendom.com

Queendom is an Internet magazine with a difference: it provides an interactive avenue for self-exploration with a healthy dose of fun – thus the motto serious entertainment. Queendom's psychologists develop original professional quality interactive tests, giving readers the opportunity to look into their own personality, relationships, intelligence and health. But it doesn't stop there. You'll find advice, community, surveys and trivia quizzes on every subject imaginable - all ways to learn and explore what it means to be human. Since its beginnings in 1996, the site has evolved into one of the most active and fastest growing communities on the web. The team of psychologists, writers, statisticians, programmers and designers at Queendom shares a common vision: creating a special relationship with its readers. The result is clear: queendom.com is now ranked #1 on the web in the Mental Health and Psychology category (source: PC Data Online).

Facts about queendom.com

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