queendom.com, The Web's Best Kept Secret, Has Come Out Of Its Shell


If you haven't heard of queendom.com, the web's number one mental health site, you certainly should have. It may not be a household name yet, but it's ranked up there in the big leagues for popularity and traffic. And now queendom, the home of serious entertainment, has a whole new look. The re-launched site is sharp, user-friendly and, best of all, still contains all the same great content that made it so popular in the first place.

What is serious entertainment?

queendom's mission is to provide an arena for self-exploration, with a healthy dose of fun, in four areas: Love, Health, Brain, and Career. In each of these domains, there are informative articles, discussion boards and chat rooms, polls, advice from therapists, interviews and life stories, and queendom's specialty - a vast collection of interactive material.

queendom keeps its readers coming back time and time again with entertaining yet educational psychology, personality, relationship, health and career Tests (www.queendom.com/tests/index.htm). Each test is scored on-line and includes detailed results, giving visitors insight into what makes them tick. Tests range from the more serious (Depression Inventory, Eating Disorders Test, IQ Tests) to the light-hearted (Romantic Personality Test, Sensuality Test), but all have been designed using rigorous scientific methods. queendom's newest feature, My Profile, allows visitors to save their test results and track progress in a password-protected information bank. As they take more tests and add scores to their My Profile, they develop an extensive "snapshot" of their own personality.

"If visitors are not in the mood for self-discovery, they can visit Mind Stretchers and challenge their intellect with one of numerous original IQ tests and quizzes, trivia quizzes or brainteasers on just about every subject (Silly History, Brain Science, and Bra Trivia̷the list is endless). Or, for a peek into other people's lives, they can vote and check out results of Queendom Polls & Surveys and the taboo breaking Sex-a-Poll.

That's Not All - queendom Provides Knowledge, Community, Advice and Help

While the heart of queendom is interactive and educational entertainment, it certainly doesn't stop there. The Articles section contains articles written by experts on subjects like anxiety, relationships and sex. In Community, there are bustling Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards on a wide range of topics including self-esteem, anxiety, marriage and weight problems. For those in search of Advice, therapists in La Chaise Longue and Sexpertise answer submitted questions and Counseling Network provides referral for one-on-one counseling.

Fresh content is added to the site daily, so there's always something new for everyone - whether it's tools for personal growth or good old-fashioned entertainment. queendom has been there for its loyal fans since 1996, but the new design has officially brought it out of its shell.

Facts about queendom.com

  • one of the top ranked Internet magazines, according to hot100.com poll
  • ranked #1 Mental Health and Psychology site (PC Data Online)
  • a leader and authority in online psychological testing
  • one of the Top 50 Health sites
  • one of the Top 10 Women sites
  • one of the most linked-to websites in the world
  • average of 1.2 million unique visits per month; breaking its own records since launch in 1996 - recently reached 50,000 visitors in one day
  • 14,000 individual pages organized in four portals and four topic sections for ease of navigation
  • Co-branded presence on AOL and AltaVista Canada, DiscoveryHealth.com, FX network and a number of other leading sites. Considerable media attention: magazines and journals (USA Today, New Woman, Wired, Men's Health, National Post, weekend edition of Wall Street Journal, and more); television and radio programs (.Com on CNBC and Bravo, Eros & Co., NetTalk of CBS, and many others).
  • media attention includes: magazines and journals (New Woman, Natural Health, .Net, Wired, Men's Health, National Post, weekend edition of Wall Street Journal, The Web Magazine, NetGuide, and more); television and radio programs (FOX, .Com on CNBC and Bravo, NetTalk of CBS, and many others).
  • a resource on the Microsoft Network, AOL, Yahoo, and more
  • Awards include LookSmart Editor's Choice, GoTo Editor's Choice, USA Today Hot Site, Sympatico's HealthyWay™ award, Health A to Z 5 Star Site, Starting Point Hot Site, NetGuide Gold Site, Mental Health Net Award.

For more information, contact Ilona Jerabek @ media@queendom.com