It's Official: Men Are More Romantic Than Women, As Study of 21,000 Test-takers on Shows

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MONTREAL, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- February 12, 2007, leading online psychological testing site, just released results of its extensive study on the state of romance in our gender-divided worlds. An abridged version of the Romantic Personality Test used in the study is available for reprint.

If you go by popular belief, you would expect men and women to score quite differently on a romance scale. Men tend to run scared at the very thought of starry-eyed tenderness, and romance is suffering an agonizing death, right? Well, according to Queendom's research, all you skeptics stand corrected: chivalry and romance are very much alive!

"The notion that contemporary men are hopelessly unromantic is a misconception," explains Ilona Jerabek, PhD, relationship expert who heads Queendom's scientific studies. "In our study, the so-called unromantic species showed a deeper weak spot for romance than their gentler counterpart." The data speak loud and clear … not only are gentlemen on par with ladies; they actually have more Cupid's arrows up their sleeve!

The study evaluated responses of male and female participants to 17 multiple-choice questions assessing various aspects of romantic beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. Men and women were surprisingly neck-and-neck; overall, however, men scored slightly higher. They did differ in HOW they express their romantic side.

While women tend to be affected by emotionally moving moments and long for relationship milestones marked by feelings of deep intimacy, men express romantic thoughts and feelings through every-day action. Although they don't talk about "mushy stuff," they do remember their first kiss as vividly as women. Surprisingly, men tend to hold highly romantic views of love - true love conquers all, love at the first sight does exists, couples are destined for each other - while women take more pragmatic approach to such matters.

"Most men have an unappreciated romantic streak; you just need to understand where they are coming from to appreciate it," Jerabek points out.

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