Self-Test Guru Launches New Tests, New Functionality and a Totally New Look

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 14, 2007 today upgraded its mental health self-testing site with a new look, 15 additional self-assessments and easy navigation features to better serve the one million people who visit each month.

Launched in 1996, Queendom is a pioneer and leader in online psychological testing known for the quality and the immense selection of tests offered. It is the most visited website in the Mental Health and Psychology categories, and one of the most linked-to websites in the world.

In addition to revamping each of the existing tests, they have added new tests including the Entrepreneurial Personality, Shopaholic, and Leadership Style tests. now offers 80+ self-assessments covering topics like personality, love, health, attitudes and career.

"With the upsurge of self-help information online and off, it's vital that remain abreast of new research, but also offer our users assessments and advice that speak to their needs," stated Dr. Jerabek, president of the company. "By understanding their values, concerns and wishes, we can make the journey towards self-understanding much more personalized and all-the-more enlightening."


Queendom tests comply with American Psychological Association standards, and undergo rigorous statistical analysis and in-depth research. Tests that carry a "Scientifically Validated" seal also provide a brief psychometric report, allowing users to evaluate its scientific merits. This particular addition is a crucial step that many sites hesitate to take, according to Dr. Jerabek.

"Many online tests available on other websites are poorly designed with limited validity at best," Jerabek said. "Some publish tests based on your zodiac sign with a 'PhD-certified' seal! We realize, however, that it may be hard to tell a hoax from the real thing, unless you have background in psychology. This is a fundamental ethical issue -- people take results of online assessments seriously... test publishers have the obligation to do the same. That's why we disclose the psychometric properties of our assessments -- we want to take a leadership role in educating the public and give users the tools to make an informed decision. I can only hope that other test sites will follow suit."

For over a decade, Queendom has been a trendsetter in online testing -- in terms of quality, test selection, and high standards for ethical use of online.

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