Hostility A Better Predictor Of Heart Disease Than Cholesterol Levels, Obesity And Even Smoking:
Gauge Your Risk With The New Type A Personality Test From Queendom.Com

MONTREAL, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- December 2, 2002

According to a study published in the American Psychological Association journal Health Psychology, a personality test may do a better job than standard examinations in predicting one's risk of heart disease. High hostility in particular has been found to be a better predictor of heart attack risk than is blood pressure, total cholesterol levels, fasting insulin, obesity and even smoking. Hostility and anger are the most "toxic" traits of Type A personality - a cluster of characteristics and behaviors linked to increased risk of stress-related health problems. To help identify these issues,, a leader in web-based psychological testing, has added the Type A Personality Test - Revised to its extensive collection of 93 career, personality, IQ, health and relationship tests. "The link between the over-achieving Type A Personality Type and coronary heart disease, cancer and a number of other stress-related diseases creates a need for a reliable assessment that could be used in screening and prevention," says Dr. Ilona Jerabek, the head test developer. She explains, "We have been conducting studies with the original version of the Type A Personality Test for six years. Based on these findings and results of recent scientific research, we expanded the assessment to analyze the various factors that contribute to this complex problem."

Too Much Of A Good Thing? Moderation Can Save Your Job… And Your Life!

Type A characteristics influence behaviors that confer health risks and have been linked to a number of health problems including cardiovascular disease and other stress-related evils such as cancer, anxiety, burnout, and depression. A tendency to be overly critical and demanding, even contemptuous of imperfection, and a general feeling of discontent typifies people with Type A Personality. Because they are always prepared for battle, persons with Type A Personality experience a constant sense of opposition, wariness, and apprehension. The stress-induced behaviors exhibited by persons with Type A personality make for a continuous presence of negative emotions that depletes energy reserves, wards off happiness and disrupts personal equilibrium. Although often sought by managers for their drive and competitiveness, the perfectionism and tough-mindedness that accompanies such beneficial traits hinder progress and ricochet in the workplace. People with Type A personalities may have ability and motivation but they lack the equilibrium necessary for sustained success, personal satisfaction and overall quality of life. "If they were to start pacing themselves and realize that they needn't be the best at everything, they would actually get more done. They'd be happier, more cooperative and much more pleasant to work with. Essentially, persons with a Type A personality need to learn that they can put balance into their lives without forgoing their drive," says Véronique Sylvain, developer of the test.

What Does The Type A Personality Test -Revised Measure?

The Type A Personality Test -Revised is comprised of 86 situational questions. The report offers a detailed personalized interpretation including the test-taker's dominant personality type, a break-down of the score on 10 sub-scales (competitiveness, hostility and anger, time urgency, negativity, perfectionism, tough-mindedness, workaholism, reward-orientation, relaxation, and drive), a list of type A, B and C characteristics, and tips for transforming a Type A Personality. Once the personality type is established, an individual can identify with its strengths and weaknesses, and is then better equipped to recognize and resist the unhealthy Type A behavior tendencies. "Essentially, the Type A Personality Test is a tool that gives test-takers the opportunity to recognize the limitations of their personality, file down its jagged edges, and learn to be successful without sacrificing their emotional and physical well being," says Véronique Sylvain.

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