Is Your Life Drifting in the Wrong Direction?
The new Values Profile at provides guidance to get you back on track


In the fast-paced world we live in, our priorities can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. We need to grasp what is most important to us in order to improve our satisfaction in life., an online leader in psychological testing, has introduced The Values Profile to their extensive array of psychological tests. The profile assesses your value system from different perspectives and helps you to better understand yourself and the choices you make. It identifies primary and secondary values among six values categories and shows you how this hierarchy influences your life.

Kerry McKenna, creator of the test says, "Living a life true to one's values is key to living a happy, satisfied and fulfilled existence. After taking the test, you will have some powerful information about your priorities which you can use to guide your decisions in life". The Values Profile, which is based on several prominent theories of personal values, enlightens test-takers about what is important to them in three aspects of their lives - their career, in their personal life, and in crisis

Does your work bring you down?

Working in a position consistent with your values is important - especially considering that on the average, people spend at least half their waking hours at work. Ilona Jerabek, director of the test development team at Queendom agrees. "Finding a job in tune with your values is essential to satisfaction at work. Job satisfaction suffers if we are forced to compromise what we hold dear."

Although there are no "better" or "worse" values, some principles may not be compatible with certain work environments. For instance, people with strong social values would likely be unhappy in a position with no human contact

Clarifying values could be useful for individuals who are looking for some direction in their career, or for those who are just embarking on the search for an occupation to call their own. People who are satisfied with their careers can recognize just what aspect of their vocation makes them happy so they can maintain that facet in the future. The work score will put your current work situation, whatever it may be, into perspective.

Is your personal life in synch with your values?

Those already set in a career may not realistically be able to change direction- even if they are not 100% happy with the path they chose. One thing that we can always change, however, is how we spend free time. We can pick up volunteer work, start a hobby, or spend more time with our families.

The personal life subscale of the Values Profile helps to make better choices in many aspects of our personal lives - relationships, friendships, and hobbies. Finding a romantic relationship with a like-minded individual is extremely important to many people. With today's skyrocketing divorce rate, it is clear that not everyone is marrying a partner with compatible values. With all the important decisions that people in relationships have to make, there are ample opportunities for disagreement. This issue is even more pronounced in couples with extremely different values.

Most people can be friends with many diverse types of people, who doubtlessly have different values than themselves. While this is wonderful and enriching, nothing beats being with people who really understand, encourage and support the expression of one's values. The personal life score shows test-takers what to focus on to feel fulfilled.

Start making the right choices in your life.

The crisis/core values subscale measures what is most important to us. It gives a glimpse of what we truly want to get out of life. These results strip away the unimportant and cut to the chase. They offer a "wake-up call" to individuals who are missing out on what truly matters to them. The core values results can help to guide us towards careers, activities and behaviors that we can be proud of, that will make us happy and more fruitful members of society.

While some people are already self-aware, others just do not have the time, the desire, or the ability to understand what they really want. Either way, we can build on existing self-knowledge. A common human trait is that we are curious about ourselves. We all want to understand why we do the things we do, what makes us tick. The Values Profile helps test-takers understand the roots of who they are. Since our values influence our beliefs, our attitudes and our behavior, we can gain a great deal by understanding our values system. With the crisis/core subscale, people can learn how to appreciate what they have or, conversely, change their life to get what they really want.

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