Queendom Releases The Anger Test: A Powerful Tool For Violence Prevention


Getting A Grip on Rage

queendom.com, the internet's leading personality testing site, has announced the launch of the Anger Test , a brand new addition to its battery of 62 online assessments. The test, comprised of 12 real-life situations that everyone can relate to, allows test-takers to discover their approach to anger and how it may be affecting their lives. "With all the violent crimes in the past year, like the school shootings, " explains Laurel Tidman, creator of the test, "We recognized the need for an anger management tool … something to help individuals and organizations pinpoint the warning signs of potentially harmful anger reactions. Most importantly, we envisioned an assessment that could be integrated as a preventive measure, one that opened the doors of communication."

About the Anger Test

The Anger Test is unlike any other anger assessment available online – it's highly multifaceted and provides users with real, concrete information that can be used to develop better coping strategies. Test-takers receive a detailed interpretation that includes their overall anger score and the level of anger in different kinds of situations, as perceived by themselves and others. The breakdown of results also includes the readers' predominant anger management style(s) with an explanation of pros and cons of each. In addition, test-takers can explore how fast they bounce back and how in touch they are with their feelings. For those who need to work on their anger, the test concludes with coping tips and advice. Like all of queendom's tests, it was developed by a team of psychologists with years of experience in personality assessment, and uses sophisticated artificial intelligence methods to give immediate scoring.

"This test was developed to reflect the complex nature of anger," says Laurel Tidman, "Anger in itself is a healthy emotion, but some people cope with it in a way that leads to problems. With specific feedback, one can develop more productive ways of managing anger so it serves its true purpose which is to warn, protect and solve threatening situations…not exacerbate them."

Applications of the Anger Test

The Anger Test is a useful tool that can be used in a wide variety of settings. Individuals interested in self-growth can gauge their own anger style, and couples can take it together to better understand each other's approach to conflict. Therapists and counselors can use the test to assess a client's anger management skills and subsequently develop a plan for optimal growth. On an organizational scale, the test can be integrated into corporate training, anger and conflict management workshops, and recruitment process. Anger plays a role in all aspects of life, from family to work, so the test is valuable for improving relationships across the board.

About queendom.com

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