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To supplement the advice offered in La Chaise Longue, the Counseling Network is a referral service for our visitors in need of one-on-one counseling. We provide the information needed to make an informed choice of a counselor based on factors such as specialty, geographical location and price.

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Kasey Hamner
Area of Expertise

Kasey Hamner specializes in adoption related issues including search and reunion, abandonment, self-esteem, substance abuse, depression, and relationship difficulties. Also specializes in children's issues including adoption, abandonment, ADD, special education, etc.

Therapeutic approach

Eclectic. She adapts her approach to meet each individual's needs. She focuses on solutions including, searching, letting go, risk taking, affirmations, recovery, spirtuality, and other strategies to help children and adults heal their hearts.

Counseling format

Through QueenDom only.


Kasey Hamner has a Bachelor's of Art in Psychology, a Master's of Science in Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential authorizing services as a School Psychologist, and is a licensed Educational Psychologist. She was adopted in the closed adoption system and has been in reunion since 1994.

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Phone number 775-878-0243
Price card Free.

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