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Madly in love or just got your heart broken? Not sure if you're with "the One"? Pondering if you should stay or leave? Get some compassionate, insightful, no-nonsense advice from our love gurus.

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At least one third of your life will be spent working, so you might as well make it enjoyable and fulfilling. Check out our counselors' best career advice and tips on how to navigate the career landscape.

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Having trouble relating to friends, family, or colleagues? Don't burn bridges just yet; there might be hope. Try to rebuild the connection with the help of our counselors' advice.

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Dealing with depression, poor self-esteem, or an eating disorder? Unable to cope with stress? Explore a wide array of illuminating mental health questions and helpful advice.

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Out of Curiosity

What makes you tick, scared, sad, or happy? Puzzled by the tricks your mind playes on you? Unravel the mystery of human mind and behavior with these insightful questions and answers.

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Burning desire? Burning itch? Burning question? Want to spice things up a bit? Check out our plethora of sex-related questions and advice that may shock or titillate, but definitely educate.

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Overcoming Trauma

Have you faced abuse, violence, rejection or other hard times? Learn how to hold your chin up when the going gets tough.

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When experiencing negative emotions ask yourself, "What is this feeling trying to tell me"?
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."
Dalai Lama
If you want others to respect you, you must first learn to respect yourself.