Top 5 Queendom Tests


Top Five Professional Tests

Fear Of Relationship Commitment Test

Are you a commitment phobe or ready to commit to love? Fear of commitment seriously impacts love relationships. Take the Fear Of Commitment Test to probe for commitment issues and fear of intimacy.

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Shopaholic Test

Are you a shopaholic? Do you go for a little retail therapy or is it a full-blown compulsive shopping addiction? Take the Shopaholic Test to find out if your impulsive shopping is a real addiction!

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Anger Management Test

Anger Management Test spots anger control issues from passive aggression to violent behavior. Anger management tips show how to control anger & deal with angry emotions & behavior constructively.

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Emotional Intelligence Test

Take the Emotional Intelligence Test to find your EQ and get tips on improving emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is important for leadership, relationships at work and in personal life.

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Office Skills & Job Fit Test

Want to be an administrative assistant, secretary, or office clerk? How is your typing speed, filing, proofreading, data entry? Take your skills with the clerical aptitude test!

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Top Five Just-For-Fun tests

The Narcissist Test

Are you narcissistic? If you could would you open your own fan club with you as the president? Do you consider yourself superior to most, if not all people? Put your ego on the line with The Narcissist Test!

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The Prude Test

Are you a tad uptight about sex or are you totally uninhibited? If someone talks dirty do you have a sudden urge to wash his or her mouth out with soap? Get down to the naked truth with The Prude Test.

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The Roommate Test

Are you a good roommate? Is living with you absolute heaven or total chaos? Are those "roommate from hell" stories talking about you? Assess your cohabitation potential with The Roommate Test.

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The Snob Test

How far is your nose stuck up in the air? Think you may have a bit of a superiority complex? Do you expect to be waited on hand and foot? Might be time to get off your high horse and take The Snob Test!

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The Voyeur Test

Are you "Peeping Tom"? Does spying on others in "compromising positions" give you the thrills? Grab those binoculars and take a sneaky peek at The Voyeur Test.

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Top Five Polls & Surveys

Do you believe in destiny?

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and really think about what matters to you? Now's your chance! Assess your priorities with these polls.

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How much time do you typically spend making yourself look presentable in the morning (showering, styling your hair, makeup, shaving, etc.)?

Have you ever wondered whether anyone else does the quirky things you do? Here's your chance to find out! Vote on these fun polls!

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Who do you think has it easier in life, men or women?

Are your views modern or old-fashioned? How do you feel about being with a partner who makes more money than you? Share your opinion!

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How do you feel about pre-marital sex?

Love is universal…and so are relationship problems! Where do you stand on staying friends with an ex or on pre-marital sex? Vote here!

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If you could indulge in one of the following TONIGHT, which would you choose?

On-the-spot decisions can offer a lot of insight into your true values, priorities, and desires. Lay it on the line with these insightful polls!

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