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October 20, 2018 - Welcome Guest!

About Queendom.com

What is Queendom?

Queendom is the land of tests so many of them that the sheer choice of topics will inspire you to take a wonderful journey inside yourself. The site creates an interactive venue for self-exploration with a healthy dose of fun. We offer a full range of professional-quality, scientifically-validated psychological assessments that empower you to grow and reach your real potential through insightful feedback and detailed, custom-tailored analysis.

Much like our visitors, Queendom is constantly evolving, adapting and improving to bring you the highest quality, most up-to-date tests reflecting our ever-changing lives.

Who operates Queendom?

Queendom.com is a subsidiary of PsychTests AIM Inc., a high-tech psychometric company that develops a suite of products and services centered around its extensive battery of psychological assessments. PsychTests AIM Inc. provides psychometric services and related products to therapists, students, researchers, professors, marketers and Human Resources professionals.

PsychTests offers solutions in many different areas:

  • ARCH Profile: An indispensable testing toolkit for HR departments and therapists which allows professionals to administer assessments, review test reports, and compare test-takers.  Learn more
  • MatchScale: A state-of-the-art romantic matching system used by online dating sites that includes a complete psychological assessment that analyzes and compares patterns of 152 attributes. It helps users find partners with just the right mix of similar and complementary characteristics.  Learn more
  • Academic Testing Center: An "online center" used by students, professors and researchers worldwide to enhance the collection of data for their projects using our certified assessments.  Learn more
  • Custom Tests: Whether you need a professional assessment tool or entertaining content, our team of psychologists will collaborate with you to create a unique, insightful, top-quality test.  Learn more

Science behind Queendom's tests

To find out more about the quality of Queendom's tests and the standards we follow when developing them, please click here.

History of Queendom

  • 1996: Under the corporate name Plumeus (Latin for "soft as a feather"), psychologist Ilona Jerabek, PhD, and artificial intelligence specialist Vrat Jerabek, PhD create Queendom.com, a popular self-help site catering to women.

  • 1997: To accommodate the growing demand for psychological assessments, for both personal and professional use, PsychTests.com is created.

  • 1998: The Academic Testing Center (ATC) is developed to aid academics worldwide in their research studies

  • 1999: With the advent of Quizcards, Queendom began offering a fun, interactive way of allowing users to send and exchange the latest Quizzes in the form of a personalized e-card, enhancing the user's online experience.

  • 2000: Queendom.com moves into its fifth year of operation with many new psychological tests.

  • 2001: Queendom gets a major face lift and introduces My Profile.
     The company is hired by the FOX Networks to produce five custom tests a week for the TV series "The Test" hosted by Jillian Barberie.
     Queendom also forges a partnership with the Discovery Channel whose health portal begins carrying Queendom tests.

  • 2002: Parent company PsychTests AIM Inc. launches ARCH Profile to efficiently manage HR professionals' increased demand for targeted psychological assessments in the workplace.

  • 2003: Queendom launches a large number of new tests.

  • 2004: To promote Land Rover's new SUV and drive traffic to the company's website in an international campaign, we create the "Find Your Adventure Quotient Test."

  • 2005: Plumeus officially changes its corporate name to PsychTests, to distinguish the company more sharply in the marketplace.
     The most comprehensive test in the history of the company, the MatchScale compatibility test is launched and licensed to online dating sites.

  • 2006:  Queendom undergoes an extensive revision of all tests, ensuring they provide the optimal accuracy possible.
  • 2007: Queendom unveils its new facelift with an upgraded design, personalized surfing mode and many other new functions after an extensive revision of all tests.

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