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Beliefs and Values101

Beliefs and Values

What is the maximum age difference you would accept in an older partner?

Habits & Quirks41

Habits & Quirks

Have you ever been late for a job interview?

Gender Roles86

Gender Roles

How do you feel (or would you feel) about having a partner who is more intelligent than you?

Love & Sex69

Love & Sex

Would you date someone who was still married?

What Ifs106

What Ifs

If someone invented a machine to record your nightly dreams, would you buy it and watch them?

World Issues & Politics23

World Issues & Politics

How do you feel about altering an unborn child's physical and mental characteristics through genetics?

Deep Insights66

Deep Insights

On most days, do you like how your body looks in clothing?


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Beliefs and Values

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Deep Insights

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Find yourself plagued by distracting thoughts? Use the "Be here now" mantra.
"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
There is no perfect partner. The perfect partner is the one whose imperfections you can live with.