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  • Do you consider yourself "normal"?

  • What's the last dream you remember having?

  • Which of the following talents would you most like to have?

  • How emotionally strong do you consider yourself?

  • Think back to the angriest you have been in the past few months. How did you react?

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Take a look at our most popular polls:

  • How intelligent do you consider yourself?

  • Do you consider yourself "normal"?

  • How was your childhood?

  • Have you ever considered getting cosmetic or plastic surgery?

  • Of the following, what would you most want other people to say about you?



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  • Do you consider yourself "normal"?

  • Do you believe you will achieve your goals or dreams in life?

  • Which would be, in your opinion, the worst way to meet your Maker?

  • Do you hate anyone?

  • How intelligent do you consider yourself?


    Would you donate sperm to a close friend who is trying to have a baby?


    Would you donate an egg to a close friend who is trying to have a baby?


Nurture creativity by doing routine tasks in different ways, like taking a new route to work.
"I never use a napkin on my lap at a restaurant because I believe in myself."
Hannibal Buress
Something inexplicable happens when you put aside your own preoccupations and help someone out.