Counseling network

To supplement the advice offered in La Chaise Longue, the Counseling Network is a referral service for our visitors in need of one-on-one counseling. We provide the information needed to make an informed choice of a counselor based on factors such as specialty, geographical location and price.

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Pat Ryan
Area of Expertise

Depression; Anxiety Disorders (Fears, Panic Attack, Social Anxiety); sexual/physical abuse in childhood; addictions; anger management; loss & grief; relationships; assertiveness; self-esteem; empowerment; relaxation techniques.

Therapeutic approach

Holistic with primarily cognitive therapeutic and psychodynamic orientations.

Counseling format

Online chat; e-mail; phone; face to face for individual and couples counseling.


Registered Psychologist registered with the Psychologists' Registration Board of New South Wales. B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology with a Major in Philosophy.

Samples of work Help being assertive
No friends
Afraid of relationships after childhood trauma
Boyfriend is using counselor as a friend
Depressed and untrusting
Phone number 0242 84 0993
Free phone number 1 (800) 444 840
Address 13/18 High Street,
Woonona, NSW, 2517,
Price card Prices are $ Australian.
  • Email $Au 30 per email response
  • Special Offer $Au 100 for five email responses of not less than one page
  • Phone $Au 2.00 per min
  • Face to Face: $Au 80.00 per hour
Method of payment Bankcard; Mastercard; Visa; Cash; Cheque
Other notes Clients receive over the internet or in person voluminous information in terms of their particular issues which can be built up into a file for future reference.

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