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October 20, 2018 - Welcome Guest!


Have a look at some of the latest breaking news about Queendom and its affiliated sites.


Queendom Media Services

How can Queendom be used by the media?


1. As a "Source Expert"

Queendom experts are available to be interviewed or serve as an expert source for your story.
Sample areas of expertise:

  • Online psychological testing
  • The many sides of intelligence
  • Relationships and compatibility
  • Self-improvement
  • Personality
  • Psychometric testing
  • Custom testing
  • 2. Test and Quiz Reprints

    A personality quiz is a great way to spice up an issue and inject some interactivity into a story.

    Shorter assessments and fun tests on Queendom are available for reprints in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. Our tests have appeared in National Post, Chicago Sun, London Observer, Glamour, CosmoGirl!, Cosmopolitan, and many other publications.

    If a brand-new test is what you need, we can help too! Fun or serious, long or short, for teens or adults, fashionista or brainy lingo, in English or many other languages … we've been there, done that.

    3. Free Statistics for Stories

    Queendom can provide data to back up stories, as required. We have extensive experience in creating and running opinion polls and surveys that can be tailored to your specific story requirements. We post these polls and surveys on our site and have received upwards of 5,000 responses in one month. This data can then be summarized and used by the media with a reference to Queendom as the source provider. Learn more…

    4. Story Ideas

    Queendom-related content and articles have appeared in numerous printed and online publications, TV and radio all around the world. The following areas are typically the best fit for stories:

    • Business (pre-employment testing, using tests as a marketing tool).
    • Health (personal growth, self-help, mental health, sexuality).
    • Lifestyle (attitudes, social trends, career, family, romance, sex habits of North Americans, gay and lesbian issues).
    • Science (psychology, sexology, social sciences).
    • Technology (applying technology and artificial intelligence in psychological testing).
    • Art and Entertainment (fun tests).

    Contact us today to see how we can assist you 1-888-855-6975

    5. Press Releases

    For a complete list of our press releases click here.

    6. Sample Media Clients

    About Queendom

    Queedom is the Land of tests. Since early 1996, Queendom has been empowering its visitors to reach their full potential by offering them an extensive battery of professional quality psychological assessments. Queendom has consistently been ranked as the top testing site for the quality of tests offered and the immense selection available.

    Queendom quick facts

    • Site launched in spring 1996
    • 1.5 million unique visits a month
    • One of the Top 50 Health sites
    • One of the Top 10 Women sites
    • The most visited website in the Mental Health and Psychology categories
    • One of the most linked-to websites in the world
    • Over 350 million tests taken in nine languages
    • The largest variety of professionally developed and validated tests online
    • The site has earned over 70 awards (examples: LookSmart Editor's Choice, GoTo Editor's Choice, Sympatico's HealthyWay™ award, Health A to Z 5 Star Site, Starting Point Hot Site, NetGuide Gold Site, Mental Health Net Award)

    Queendom Visitor Profile:

    Roughly 80% of Queendom's visitors are educated women ages 15 to 65, with the majority being between 25 and 45. For more information about our audience, click here.

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