More, more, more!

"The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money."
- Anonymous

More, more, more!

Any time is a great time to reflect on material possessions and what they really mean to you. Take a good look at the stuff you've accumulated over the years: Do you really need, or even use, all the clothes, appliances, sports equipment, or "toys" you own? We live in a consumer world, and it's nearly impossible not to get caught up in the desire for "more, more, more!". We don't have to feel guilty to want things that we enjoy or make our lives a little easier (I confess, I adore my dishwasher!) but they shouldn't be an attempt to fill an emptiness inside or to present a certain image to other people.

A good way to prevent splurging on useless or unnecessary goods is to make a list of your priorities. What experiences do you feel you are missing in your life? You may, for example, love music but never have the cash to go to concerts. Examine the way you spend your money now - are there other things you buy that you could cut down on? Do you really need cable, for example, or those fashion magazines? Each time you make a purchase, ask yourself; "What will this will bring to my life?" Could that hard-earned cash be better spent on something that will give you personal, internal satisfaction? Instead of a new sweater, put that money towards a class in a subject you enjoy or a trip to a place you dream of visiting. You may never see physical evidence of the investment, but the experience will be remembered long after the sweater is out of style and forgotten.

by T.L. Scribe

If you want to change how you feel, change how you think. Use positive affirmations.
"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior."
Hippolyte Taine
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