Many lives to lead

"Many people chase after success. Others pursue money. But I think the happiest people on earth are the one's who have found significance. The real question of life must be: What has significance for you?"
- Derek Lantzsch

Many lives to lead

Being human seems to come with the feeling, whether fleeting or lasting, that something is missing in our lives. It's a feeling that nags us, often leading us through series of jobs, relationships, homes, in search of that elusive something that will fulfill us. While this can be a healthy emotion that pushes us towards self-exploration and change, it can also make us feel hopeless or even desperate. By discovering what elements are lacking in your life (parts of yourself that are being neglected) you can take an active approach to leading a more satisfying life.

Put a piece of paper and a pencil in the front of you, then close your eyes and let yourself daydream about the following question:

If you were given five lives to live exactly the way you would like to, what would those lives involve (what would you do, where would you live, etc..)?

Don't hold yourself back with any thoughts like "that's impossible". Just write everything that gives you a thrill. For example, my list would include:1) movie actress, 2) activist for the homeless, 3) novelist living in the countryside, 4) world-traveler, 5) archaeologist studying Ancient Egypt.

Some of these lives may be very contradictory - like actress and archaeologist, for example. This doesn't mean that you (or I!) are mixed up or don't know what we want - just that we are complex individuals with many sides. And one of the reasons we sometimes feel a lack is that one or more of these sides is not being fulfilled. The first step in satisfying them is deciding what exactly appeals to you about each scenario; my desire to be an actress could be because I actually like acting, in which case I could join a theater group. It could also be a need to be in the spotlight and have nothing to do with acting, so I might find another way to achieve that (telling jokes, for example). For each life, brainstorm ways you could incorporate some element of each "life" into your real life on a regular basis. Then have fun being five different people!

by T.L. Scribe

Write down all the obstacles that can hinder your goals. This isn't to scare you, but to prepare you.
"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell 'PLOT TWIST!', and move on."
Molly Weis
Everyone stumbles and everyone fails, often many times. Be gentle with yourself.