Values Profile

Values Profile

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Values are a set of attitudes, unique to each individual, which govern our behavior and guide the way we look at the world. Each individual seeks to achieve certain goals in life, and ideally, his or her values are in tune with these goals. For instance, some individuals may see their family life as most important to them. They thus hold values that illustrate this - they believe that spending time with their family is more important than working long hours, and they may disagree with individuals whom they perceive as holding a more work-oriented value system. Looking back at their life, they hope to see that their family was always their top priority. Clarifying your values can help you prioritize your life in order to avoid disappointment and unhappiness. Living a life in tune with your values is important because it is what determines what means most to you.

Select answer choices that reflect how you usually feel or act - that most accurately describe your general feelings or behaviors. There may be some questions describing situations that do not apply to you, or that you've never experienced before. In these cases, select the response that reflects what you would most likely do or feel if you ever found yourself in such a situation. In order to get the most out of the results, take the time to really think about your responses - what you really, truly want out of life.

After finishing the test, you will receive a Snapshot Report with a list of your dominant, influencing, and minor values. You will then have the option to purchase the full results.

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