The Humblebrag Test


The Humblebrag Test

Don't you just hate it when people hit on you even when you're wearing sweatpants? Doesn't it suck when you win yet another award and have to write a thank-you speech again? So annoying! We're being sarcastic, of course, but gloating about an achievement while disguising it with fake self-deprecation is known as "humble bragging." Find out if you're a humblebragger with this test!

Read each question carefully, and choose the answer that best describes your typical attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And remember, this test is just for fun!

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Spend 15 minutes every morning planning out your day.
"You can't really be strong until you see a funny side to things."
Ken Kesey
Emotional IQ isn't just about developing a better relationship with others; it's also about connecting with yourself.