Logic Grab Bag #2

Logic Grab Bag #2

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Fran is off on a trek across the Sahara desert to see Ricky Martin in concert. It is a six-day hike from the airport to the closest oasis where he is playing. One person is only physically capable of carrying enough supplies (food, water, Ricky CD's) for four days. Obviously, she cannot make the entire trip alone. How many assistants will she need to make it to the oasis while making sure that the assistants have enough supplies to make it back to the airport? (They don't want to see the concert.) Hint: Only Fran needs to actually make it to the oasis.

I don't know

A woman and her husband are picking seashells on the beach. The wife says, "Give me seven of your shells and I will have twice as many as you!" The husband answers, "Are you crazy? Give me seven of yours and we'll have the same amount!" How many seashells does each one have?

The wife has 12, the husband 5
The wife has 16, the husband 9
The wife has 49, the husband 35
The wife has 51, the husband 37
I don't know

Jackie, a 30-year-old woman, decides it's time to settle down and get married. There are four men eager to win her hand: Ronald, Lee, Aziz, and Malcolm. Jackie's four aunts, Luisa, Anna, Mary and Barbara, all have opinions about whom she should marry, of course! Luisa likes Ronald, Anna thinks Ronald and Malcolm are too macho but likes Lee and Aziz, Mary likes only Aziz, and Barbara thinks Lee and Malcolm are too poor but likes Ronald and Aziz. Finally, Jackie calls a psychic hotline to help her decide. She gets married, but only one aunt is happy with the choice. Who did she marry and which aunt is happy?

She married Ronald and Luisa is happy
She married Lee and Anna is happy
She married Aziz and Barbara is happy
She married Aziz and Mary is happy
I don't know
Build meaningful relationships that teach you about human nature.
"Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution."
Albert Einstein
If you had allowed failure to deter you, you'd still be crawling on all fours.