Animal Kingdom #1

Animal Kingdom #1

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How does the vampire bat feed?

It stalks and kills large animals by piercing the jugular and proceeds to drink vast amounts of blood
It bites a small hole in the skin of cattle or other animals and laps up the blood
It feeds primarily on insects caught by a designated 'hunter' bat
It kidnaps baby birds from the nest, carries them home and shares the catch with its family
It chooses ripe fruit, plucks it from the tree and eats in solitude
The vampire bat does not eat or drink
I don't know

Which of the following statements about bats is NOT true?

Most bats have poor eyesight.
Bats emit high-frequency sounds and interpret the echoes to determine motion, distance and position of objects.
Bats are often rabid and pose a serious threat to humans
There is one type of bat that catches fish
There are bats on every continent except Antarctica
The life span of most bats is 15 years
I don't know

What am I? I am a mammal. I have conical teeth, a long snout (like a beak) and a sleek body. I swim very fast in large groups and often accompany boats or ships.

I don't know

The Orca, more commonly known as the Killer Whale is a type of:

I don't know

Which of the following statements about elephants is NOT true?

Elephants breathe and smell with their trunks
An elephant can lift an object as heavy as 270 kg (600 lbs) or as small as a bottle-cap with its trunk
An elephant's trunk is a very sensitive feeler and is comparable to our fingers
An elephant's trunk can hold 6 liters (1.5 gallons) of water
Elephants have excellent eyesight
Elephants are the largest land mammals
Elephants are considered very smart and have been used as work animals for thousands of years
I don't know

How long does the average elephant live?

20 years
50 years
70 years
120 years
200 years
I don't know

An adult gorilla can weigh up to how many pounds?

100 lbs
200 lbs
300 lbs
400 lbs
500 lbs
I don't know

Which of the following statements about gorillas is NOT true?

Gorillas are avid carnivores and often feast on smaller monkeys
Newborn gorillas are helpless and rely on their mothers for everything
Gorillas do not drink much
Every night, gorillas make themselves nests in which to sleep
Gorillas live in groups of one dominant male, several other subordinate males, females, and their young
I don't know

In which country can the giant panda be found?

I don't know

How many people are killed by tigers each year?

I don't know

Which of the following statements about crocodiles is NOT true?

The ancestors of crocodiles were already around when dinosaurs began to appear
Australian freshwater crocodiles can reach speeds of 17 km/hour on land for a distance of about 25 meters
A fit human can outrun most species of crocodiles
No species of crocodile is able to survive in salt water
The largest species of crocodile can reach a length of 17-18 feet
There is a reported case of a crocodile living 115 years
I don't know
Visualize success. Picture the ideal end result in your mind.
"You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice."
Bob Marley
Set personal boundaries as to how you want others to treat you.