Animal Kingdom #2

Animal Kingdom #2

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Bats are:

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Female bats nurse their young until they are almost adult.

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Bats are a useful part of the environment because they control the population of harmful insects.

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Male and female elephants live separately and the bands of females and babies are lead by a matriarch.

I don't know

Which of the following statements about ants is NOT true?

Ants love sweet food.
Ants work together to carry large pieces of food to the nest.
Ants store honey in one of their two stomachs and can regurgitate the honey and share it mouth-to-mouth with another ant.
Ants determine whether other ants of the same species are a part of their nest by using their antennae.
During a fight, some species of ants release a poisonous fluid against their opponent.
Ants have no insect predators.
Ants nest are consisted of many chambers for different purposes (garbage, larvae etc).
Ants can drag objects up to 25 times their weight.
I don't know

Which of the following statements about the iguana family of lizards is NOT true?

Iguanas are good sources of protein and are eaten by humans in Central and South America.
Many lizards, when confronted by an enemy, will break their tails in order to get away.
With many lizards, a broken tail will grow back.
Lizards depend on external heat sources to regulate their internal temperature.
Many lizards have a third eye on the back of their head (in some species this is very developed with a cornea, retina, and a lens).
Lizards rely solely on their eardrums in order to hear.
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Which cattle breed is bred expressly as a dairy producer?

Black Angus
I don't know

What was the Poodle originally bred for?

To retrieve fowl in marshy or swampy areas.
To herd sheep and cattle.
To compete in dog shows arranged by the aristocracy.
To hunt rats and other rodents.
To hunt large game, such as deer and wild boar.
To provide companionship for the sick and/or elderly.
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How does nature ensure that baby birds are born with strong bones?

The mother bird consumes foods rich in calcium before laying the eggs .
The parent birds defecate on the unhatched eggs. The bird feces, which is calcium-rich, 'leaches' through the shell and is absorbed by the embryonic birds (through a network of blood vessels).
Embryonic birds 'leach' calcium (through a network of blood vessels) from the eggshell into their bones.
Baby birds are actually born with no bones and are fed foods rich in calcium for the first two weeks of life, during which time they develop strong bones.
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Calico (black or gray, white, and orange) cats are, with extremely rare exception, always female

I don't know

Greyhounds can reach speeds up to:

100 km/h (62.5 mph)
60 km/h (37.5 mph)
40 km/h (25 mph)
20 km/h (12.5 mph)
I don't know
Refuse to be a victim. Take responsibility for your life.
"Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution."
Albert Einstein
You will feel much happier when you do a kind act for others than when you do something nice for yourself. Test it out!