Big names - Little facts


Big names - Little facts

Test your knowledge on the biggest names in history, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Virginia Wolfe. Try Queendom's "Big Names - Little Facts" quiz!


In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was:

The first black man to have won it
The youngest man to have won it
The first American to have won it
The last man to have won it
I don't know

Who was the fortieth president of the United States?

Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George Bush
Bill Clinton
I don't know

What term did Winston Churchill use to refer to his bouts of depression?

Ornery horse
The blues
Black dog
I don't know

Who was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier's second husband?

Ingmar Bergman
Arthur Miller
Aristotle Onnassis
Frank Sinatra
I don't know

During World War I, Mati Hara was employed as a dancer, courtisan and:

I don't know

Which of the following famous people was NOT missing at least a portion of one finger?

Jerry Garcia
Boris Yeltsin
Fidel Castro
Buster Keaton
I don't know

Who is portrayed on the American one-hundred dollar bill?

Abraham Lincoln
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
U.S. Grant
I don't know

Where was Harry Houdini born?

Budapest, Hungary
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
London, England
Athens, Greece
I don't know

How did Virginia Wolfe die in 1941?

She contracted malaria while touring Africa
She died of a heart attack
She was killed by a tour bus
She drowned herself
I don't know

Who said, "Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock"?

Winston Churchill
Gertrude Stein
Pope John Paul II
Pablo Picasso
I don't know


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