Dog Facts

Dog Facts

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What is the most effective preventative measure to guard against canine dental problems?

Special biscuits formulated to clean teeth
To feed apples once a week
A diet formulated specifically for the dog's age group.
Sugar-free gum
I don't know

Why is a healthy dog's nose cool and moist?

The area is composed chiefly of sweat glands.
The mucus lining keeps it moist.
Condensation from breathing keeps the area moist.
Dogs often lick their noses.
I don't know

Which dogs are at risk for hip dysplasia?

Only purebred dogs
Only mixed breeds
Pure breeds are more at risk than mixed breeds.
Mixed breeds are more at risk than pure breeds.
It is a random occurrence and has nothing to do with genetics.
I don't know

Why do bulldog's have so many wrinkles on their face?

So that when they fight with other dogs they can afford to lose some extra skin.
The folds of skin create air pockets which insulate them in cold climates.
So that when they lock their jaws on a bull's nose, blood is channeled away from the nostrils.
Queen Elizabeth I, who developed the breed, thought the trait was reminiscent of her husband.
Because it makes them appear dangerous.
I don't know

Dachshunds were originally bred:

To kill rats in coal mines.
To fight badgers in their burrows.
As pets for children.
To herd rabbits.
To race through miniature obstacle courses during county fairs.
I don't know

The number one behavioral problem that drives dog owners to seek professional help is:

Chewing and destroying household items
Lack of housebreaking
Disagreements with other household pets
Compulsive scratching
I don't know

Dogs have been domesticated for:

100,000 years
10, 000 years
1, 000 years
100 years
I don't know

What breed of dog has been used since the 1600's for tracking criminals?

German Shepherds
Labrador Retrievers
I don't know

What is chiengora?

A dog/rabbit hybrid
An intestinal worm that afflicts young dogs
Dog hair that is spun into yarn
Gourmet dog food manufactured by a French company
I don't know

What breed of dog (bred to retrieve fowl) has a name that is derived from the word "puddeln", which is German for "to splash in water"?

Labrador Retriever
I don't know
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