Famous Do-Gooders

Famous Do-Gooders

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Mohandas Gandhi was given the name Mahatma, which means...

Great Soul
Creator of Change
Good Man
I don't know

Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990 after being imprisoned for 27 years. How long after his release did he have a hand in ending apartheid?

1 year
5 years
7 years
10 years
I don't know

What woman was elected chairman of the UN's Human Rights Commission in 1946 and helped draft the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Eleanor Roosevelt
Vivien Leigh
Eva Peron
Zsa Zsa Gabor
I don't know

Mother Teresa did a lifetime's work in India. Which of the following is NOT one of her accomplishments?

Received the Nobel Peace Prize
Opened a school for affluent Indian children in Bengal
Opened a leprosarium outside Calcutta
Opened Kalighat Home for the Dying
I don't know

Mahatma Gandhi developed Satyagraha. What is this?

An elixir for vegetarians
An oath taken by all citizens committed to the Indian Nationalist movement
A method of meditation used to increase personal strength and conviction
A method of direct social action based upon the principles of courage, nonviolence and truth
I don't know

The Angel Network was created to inspire people to use their lives and to reap the rewards of giving to others. Who set up this network?

Celine Dion
Maya Angelou
Oprah Winfrey
Susan Sarandon
I don't know

What member of the British Royal Family is the President of the Save the Children Fund?

Princess Ann
Princess Alexandra
Princess Margaret
Sarah, Duchess of York
I don't know

Ted Turner, media mogul and philanthropist, began the Turner foundation in 1990. What cause does this foundation support?

Poverty in the USA
Environmental Issues
The United Nations
Famine Relief
I don't know

Of the following, which organization was American Clara Barton a co-founder?

American Red Cross
World Wildlife Federation
Victoria Order of Nurses (VON)
I don't know

Brigitte Bardot, a well-known movie star of the 60's, created the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. What does it support?

Ethical treatment of animals
Famine Relief
Environmental Issues
The United Nations
I don't know
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