Far-out Curiosities of Fiction

Far-out Curiosities of Fiction

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When Sherlock Holmes talks of a "7% solution", of what does he speak?

Any of Watson's solutions to a mystery.
The cocaine solution that he self-administers intravenously.
The worth of the clues that he can infer from his sense of smell alone.
Scotland Yard
I don't know

From what part of the world do the Brer rabbit stories originate?

American South
West Africa
Eastern Europe
I don't know

What famous playwright claimed to hate a naked light bulb?

Sean O'Casey
August Strindberg
Tennessee Williams
Arthur Miller
Samuel Beckett
I don't know

In Franz Kafka's story "The Metamorphosis", Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find that he is:

A woman
His father
His mother
A woman
An insect
An elephant
I don't know

Which Jack Kerouac novel, featuring characters Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, helped to fuel the cultural climate of the 1960's?

"Big Sur"
"Dharma Bums"
"On the Road"
"Desolation Angels"
I don't know

"My Fair Lady", the Broadway hit of the 1950's was based on George Bernard Shaw's play entitled:

"Mrs. Warren's Profession"
"Arms and the Man"
I don't know

What social issues did Ralph Ellison's novel "Invisible Man" address?

Teen pregnancy
Capital punishment
Race issues
Drugs and crime
I don't know

Writer Ayn Rand's greatest concern, as expressed in her books, is:

A despotic government
The breakdown of individuality
Racial inequality
Gender inequality
A money-oriented society and materialism
I don't know

"Big Brother" is a term for an all powerful government or organization that observes and directs all of people's actions. Who coined the term?

Andy Warhol
George Orwell
J.F. Kennedy
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Richard Nixon
I don't know

Which of the following novels was revolutionary in the 1970's for depicting uninhibited female sexuality?

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
"Moll Flanders"
"Fear of Flying"
I don't know

Who wrote "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?

Langston Hughes
Jack Kerouac
Ken Kesey
William Burroughs
I don't know

Within which genre would a "Whodunit" fall?

Detective or mystery
Political satire
Children's fiction
I don't know

This author of popular detective novels often used poison as the cause of death. S/he understood many of the subtleties of poisons-the different effects, sources, antidotes, etc. S/he accumulated her knowledge while working as a pharmacist during WWI. Who is this author?

P.D. James
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Agatha Christie
Raymond Chandler
I don't know
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Author Unknown
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