First Aid Basics

First Aid Basics

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When do you use CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)?

When a person is choking
When a person is unconscious but breathing
When a person is unconscious and not breathing
When a person is unconscious and has no heartbeat
I don't know

When a person is choking and gasping on a piece of steak what should you do?

Give them the Heimlich maneuver (upward thrusts to the lower abdomen)
Slap them on the back until they cough up the object
Rescue breathing
Talk to them - encourage them to keep coughing
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If you are the first person on the scene at a car accident what should you do first?

Assess the scene to see if it is safe
Call 911 and give them the location of the accident and how many vehicles are involved.
Move the victims away from of the wreckage
Check victims to see if they are breathing
I don't know

Rescue Breathing requires an open airway, how should this be accomplished when a victim is lying on their back?

Use your finger to sweep the mouth and move the tongue out of the way
Tilt the head back while lifting the chin
Lift the neck and tilt the head back
Open the jaw any way possible
I don't know

Which of the following is NOT a safe and effective way to check if an unconscious person is breathing?

Look for up and down chest movement
Block the victim's nose to see if choking begins
Listen for breathing sounds
Feel for breath out of the mouth with your hand or cheek
I don't know

How do you know if a cut requires stitches?

It must be deep enough to see bone
It is at least 2 cm (1 inch) deep
It is at least 1 cm (1/2 inch) long
It is bleeding through the bandage
I don't know

What is the best way to treat a 1st or 2nd degree burn?

Cool the skin completely with cool water or wet fabric
Apply burn ointment
Cool the skin with ice
Apply moisturizers to the skin to re-hydrate the burned area
I don't know

Which of the following is NOT a sign or symptom of hypothermia?

Lack of coordination
I don't know

How can you tell if a person is having a heart attack?

Chest pain that lasts about 10 minutes
Chest pain that can be relieved by rest
Persistent chest pain
Slurred speech and numbness
I don't know

What is most important in treating someone with a broken bone?

Call 911 and get them to an emergency room as quickly as possible
Put the broken bone in a splint as soon as possible
Immobilize the injured part of the body and make the victim comfortable
Have the victim try to move the injured part of the body around to assess the type of break they have
I don't know
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