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November 12, 2018 - Welcome Guest!

Quizzes » Trivia Quizzes

Human Body

Please read each question carefully and select the correct answer by clicking on the corresponding button. The answer key will be provided after the quiz is scored. Streeeetch that mind!


Which organ is number 1 in the diagram?

The stomach
The kidney
The spleen
The liver
I don't know

Which organ is number 2 in the diagram above?

The gallbladder
The spleen
The thyroid
The pancreas
I don't know

What is the organ in the picture?

The stomach
The kidney
The spleen
The liver
I don't know

What on earth is that flappy piece in the diagram?

The esophagus
The epiglottis
The cilia
The larynx
I don't know

Which of the following is NOT one of the liver's daily duties?

Excreting urea from the body
Converting glucose to glycogen
Breaking down fats
Removing toxins such as alcohol
I don't know

What does the gall bladder store?

I don't know

Which of the following organs cannot be repaired and must be removed if damaged?

The liver
The gall bladder
The stomach
The spleen
I don't know

What would happen if you stood on your head while eating?

Your food would not be able to travel down the esophagus at all, but would stay in your mouth no matter how hard you tried to swallow.
The food would get stuck half way up the esophagus.
The food would travel up, and would reach your stomach as usual.
Your esophagus would reject the food; in other words, you would vomit.
I don't know

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, making up 12% of our body weight. What is its surface area, on an average person?

Between 4 and 11 square feet
Between 12 and 24 square feet
Between 25 and 32 square feet
Between 33 and 40 square feet
I don't know

Why did wealthy, stylish women in the late 19th and early 20th century often lose consciousness, urging them to purchase "fainting couches"?

Their wigs were so tight and heavy that they cut off the blood flow to their heads.
They often had body-cleansing enemas, leaving them weak and exhausted.
It was not lady-like to drink, but most of them gulped quickly in private then passed out.
Their corsets constricted breathing and digestion.
I don't know
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