Literary Challenge

Literary Challenge

Please read each question carefully and select the correct answer by clicking on the corresponding button. The answer key will be provided after the quiz is scored. Streeeetch that mind!


What famous character exclaimed "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"?

Sherlock Holmes
Richard III
David Copperfield
I don't know

Who wrote "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

Ray Bradbury
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Virginia Wolfe
Truman Capote
I don't know

Who wrote the screenplay for "The Misfits", starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable?

Arthur Miller
Oscar Wilde
John Huston
David Mamet
I don't know

Who wrote "Les Miserables"?

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Victor Hugo
T.S. Eliot
William Faulkner
I don't know

Who wrote a collection of autobiographical stories entitled "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog"?

James Joyce
Dylan Thomas
Mikhail Bulgakov
I don't know

Bilbo Baggins was a character in which novel?

"Of Mice and Men"
"Black Beauty"
"The Yearling"
"The Hobbit"
I don't know

What famous poet of the Romantic era wrote the following lines: "Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink."?

John Keats
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Blake
Percy Byshe Shelley
I don't know

From which of Charles Dicken's novels does this first line come from: "My father's family name being Pirrip, and my christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip."?

"David Copperfield"
"Oliver Twist"
"Great Expectations"
"Hard Times"
I don't know

"All children, except one, grow up." What famous fictional child is being referred to in this line?

Oliver Twist
Peter Pan
Stuart Little
Pippy Longstocking
I don't know

Where is Huckleberry Finn from?

St. Petersburg, Missouri
Shelter Island, Alabama
White Cross, Georgia
New Orleans, Louisiana
I don't know
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